Casting for actors in NYC!

Hey there we are currently casting for new actors, male and female, auditions will be  held on one of the days during the 3rd week of November (11/13- 11/19). For all those who submitted your info we thank you and will email you back as soon as we settle on an audition date. And all those who still would like to audition, there is still time to email us at

A little about us,

-we are a small, just starting out,sketch comedy troupe. We had a small show in SOHO performing space, and now we are going to do primarily open mic’s, although we are looking for a space that will have us, as all of the sketches form a full show. So if you choose to be a part of us, we will be happy to have you, as long as you understand that it’s NO PAY, and we do comedy open mic’s around the city, sometimes it’s gonna be a struggle and sometimes it’s going to be a breeze, but all I can promise is that we’re not going to stop until we make it. 

Thanks for considering us,

– Anna

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