B.A.D. Podcast #23 Matzo

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It’s Passover and we sit down with some wine and gefilte fish and of course matzo-Matzo is magic!  So we discuss, Cake dipped in wine, Saint Seamus, and other varieties of christians and different churches around manhattan. 

Tips on how homeless people should ask and not ask for money. + Evil hipster facial hair and indent discussion about tattoos. Foods our friends eat, how to stop eating, and food rule breakers.


 gay equality, symbol, cedar, cousins, red wine,matzo, weapon, matzo ball soup,  new pope, irish catholic, cake, joe osteen, cult, self-help section, bible,  religion on a subway, evil, roommates, homeless, money, blood, washing, liquor, diet soda, bad for you, eyebrow piercing, tattoos, gefilte fish, gems on teeth, milk ducks, nipple piercing, hipster, mustache, hair kissing,ambient, food,smack, manna bread,

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