B.A.D. #24 Easter Eggs

Click Me to Hear Me! 🙂

April Fools and Easter is match made in heaven. So we chat about..

Texting your mom about getting a tattoo on your face. And we finally tell the story of how BAD goes on a journey nee, an adventure to see Oz Great and Powerful.   Taryn as the official librarian of the group, explain the plots and characters of the Oz books, and breaks down all the flaws of the movie plot. And Alex finally makes it to the recording at the very end or does she?

april fools, easter, pinot noir, wine, stu, eggs, easter eggs, flamingo, LCD, macao, cooking food, parrot, party drug, glitter, microwave, mind trip, magic mushrooms, game of thrones, senior year, Vietnam war, othello, joel osteen, the best thing you can do to a croissant, self help, friends you keep, cloud atlas, halley berry, tom hanks, kiera knightly, pride and prejudice, colin firth, big teeth, mathew mcfaden, bridgit jones, extra teeth, sweedish fish, the oz, green mill munis, oz great and powerful,times square, blackout, james franco, billy crystal, zach braff, wicked, the books, alcohol, daiquiri, hypnotic, frown hippos, soul plane, mexican brunch, unlimited drinks, bottomless brunch, boozy, sangria, hitchhiker’s guide to galaxy, Zoë Deschanel,  

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