B.A.D. Podcast #25 Chicken

Click me to Hear me 🙂 

College basketball, Luisville vs Michigan NCAA, or as we call it Taryn vs Alex. 

Phill on Phill crime. How to speak french, sports season. 

Cooking chicken in a fire!

Competitive cheerleading. And why we should have 52 states. 

NCAA, basketball,college, injuries, hockey violence, puck, key and peele, mad tv, snl, pretty woman, canadian, big daddy, space jam, b.ball, terx, topeka, kansas, cookies, chicken, asian, tall, fire, cooking, bring it on, cheerleading, competing, flashdance, welder, dancer, bicycle. eminem, generation, 8 mile, married, match.com,eharmony, wichita, cancun, happy birthday

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