B.A.D. Podcast #26 – Taxes

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BAD#26 Taxes

W welcome David and Jeff to our chat time, as we ramble on about. 

The rule about trader Joe’s wine store. We find out that everybody is obsessed with candy, peep s’mores, matza bark.

Our theme for todays podcast is taxes. 

And some unfortunate stories about poop, and other bathroom incidents.  

And we learn about the origin of Anna’s accent. 

annatown, red wine, trader joe’s,  jelly beans, butter popcorn, candy store, sugar, twirzzlers, gummy bears, duane read, peeps,  s’mores, easter, passover,  matzo bark, martin short, clifford, fat albert, lebatt blue, uconn, temple university,  planet hollywood, servers, fun!, french roast, pigeons, animal care, rspca, best buy, Tennessee, country hall of fame, taxes, absolute vodka, ads, got milk, sky, the bad girls club, american gypsy, runts, banana flavor, daffy taffy, 

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