B.A.D. Podcast #27 Clowns

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Watching Girls tv show in the gym,  Jeff is scared of cats, and his story of lady on a subway. Everybody’s take on Boston Market, mmm….. good. Anna’s friend Kyle.  David is nervous about going to the bachelor party. Hitting on people at the gym, and people from High School. 11 year old Anna’s story about cake.

girls tv show, naked,sex and the city, friends,i like turtles kid, computer,  ratatouille, wine corks, non alcoholic beer, decaf coffee, boston market, Chinese restaurant, cooking, cats and dogs,hannibal, kesha special, bachelor party,plenty of fish, strippers, wine seltzer,  match, spring breakers, james franco, comedia del’arte, clowns, cake, zombies, shooting them in the head, shaun of the dead, smash, doubt, frodo, hobbit, amy adams, 100 days of summer, zoe deschanel, 

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