B.A.D. Podcast#29 Melon and #30 Ice Cream

click me for Ice Cream #30

BAD#30 Ice Cream
Alex throws up again…in Barbounia. And we learn that we are an orchestra. 
Jeff talks about doing gay web series – “Gay”  Pushing asian tai chi doers in the park after dark. And of course the history of Ice Cream.
Taryn is on a spa day. As usual a lot of talk and reviews about movies.
How to walk closely behind someone without freaking them out. 
and here is the list of the #dumb hashtags we come up with while we podcast -#thrillercom #catbarf #trashmess #comthrill 
restaurant, spy, barbounia, bad, bedlam and delirium, throw up, orchestra, gays, gay the web series, the out, starfish, thumb restling, felicia day, youtube comedy week, mumford band, scooby doo, the big gay ice cream shop, ice cream, 30th podcast,cherry garcia, ice cream, ice cream truck, gay video, cat barf, monty python, cat bashing, dear youtube, thomas edison, gatsby, movie fail, sherlock, benedict cumerbatch, now you see me, sheppards pie, bad dates, morgan freeman, vs, morgan stanely, sight seers,


I know, the volume is a lil low, sorry for that. We’ll work on it, but if you have earphones it should be fine. 

Click Me to Hear me 🙂 

BAD#29 Melon
Mysterious tapper wear container appears and we can’t figure whom it belongs it to?
And finally Alex gets washed, showered, scrubbed even the hair. 
And the story about BAD night out, and yes it was as bad as you think.
Vomit, drunk people, getting kicked out of a bar, and crying and throwing up in a cab.
 And the funnest states to pronounce. Whyyyyoming. 
glitter,candy,tapper wear,how i met your mother, 24, big bang theory, shower, motorized scooter,  drunk, tequila, bars, nyc, vomit, street, bad, night, out, yellowstone, shanondoa, yogi bear, park, gatsby, now you see me, dave franco, this is the end, herminie, rhianna, bluth banana stand, arrested development, netflix, banana, frozen, adam scott, bachleorrette,  melon, vodka with skittles, no we have no banana’s, 



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