B.A.D. Podcast#31 Sci/Fy

BAD#31 Sci/Fy

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 In this episode we talk about, Dave’s naked play, how broccoli are very good for you. Being lost in Brooklyn and being found in Philly.  Alex’s story about mugging(scary), and of course the history of sic/fy.  

And also

How we tried to see Gatsby again, and Anna’s Irish accent and dumb geography moment. 


naked, play, anna abrams, taryn feeney, alex eden, david quinn, new york streets, Philly, coconut, pineapple,the eagles, silver linings playbook, michingan university, rent a puppy, food prop, broccoli,dogs, washington heights, mugging, pepper spray, canada, brooklyn, sic/fy, george orwell, war of the worlds, geeks, star trek, hot actors, science fiction, men in black, supernatural, star wars, lord of the rings, highlander, harry potter, indiana jones, the alien, legally blonde, arrested development, zoe saldana, regina spector, bradley cooper, celebrity crushes, gatsby, allure magazine, soup,30 rock,liz lemon, naked checkov,venus in fur, david ives, the fith element, trader joes, 

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