B.A.D. Podcast #32 Skittles

BAD# 32 Skittles.

Click me to hear Me 🙂 

In this podcast….

Steven Soderbergh is retiring, 

the episode before last on game of thrones reaction, ignoring jeff, the deli sandwiches, why are they the same? and are they?, I’m confused.  

How do you wear a onesie and how do you pee in a onesie. 

Anna tells a story about seeing dead people. 

Jeff watches hard core pawn, and netflix. 

Taryn looses trust in rotten tomatoes.

Alex get a lead in the 48th hour film festival  short.

And of course how do you Skittle?

Cat suicide…not funny!

magic mike, steven soderbergh, haywire, movie, game of thrones, kathy najimy,deli, sandwich, onsie, dead people, corpses, middle names, hard core pawn, hungry games, netflix, great gatsby, now you see me, rotten tomatoes,  
dave franco, erin brokovich, traffic, ocean’s eleven, matthew mcconahey, stripping, male strippers, channem tatum, murray hill, 48 hour film festival, the office ninja, skittles, skittle, skittle, frank franco, dave mango, lonely island, cat barf, cat suicide, catering, left overs, ketchup, pawn stars, jungle juice, theme party, anything but clothes, peta,  



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