BAD# 33 Pineapple

#33 Pineapple

Alex goes to the gym,  subway stories,

Anna’s win at Bingo and honesty,  

And the board games we used to play…

Taryn’s trip to D.C.  and where is Egypt?

And Jeff gets political about Egypt….

metrocard, monthly,pineapple, food network, chef, queer eye for the straight guy, ted, alton brown, cracked, after hours, parallel universe, vegan, cat pies, weeny tod, blockheads, pina colada, lemon, bingo, winning, fuffy, fussy eater, the purge, now you see me, toy story 3, waiting, argo, house of lies, game of thrones, family tree, christopher guest, best of show, spinal tap, seenit, McCain, monopoly, risk, settlers of catan, jenga, jacob’s pickles, samosas, mimosas, naked, twitter, selflies, lindsey lohan, 

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