BAD#40 Unicorn – click me to hear me 🙂 

Alex’s mom leaves,

onsie vs dressie, and girls talk about forever 21, Jeff raps eminem.

Car accident, us open, atlantic city ga,bling and burlesque! Harold Pinter Betrayel, rachel weisz, race spall, orlando bloom, Jeff comes from CT, and his waiter story, old people are mean.

forever 21, fashion fail, roshashana, passover, pancake cellars, laguardia,usopne, tennis,  inniets, brunch, bloody marry, waterbottle syndrome, blue jasmine, macklemore, catfish, twilight, eminem, 
rachel weisz, daniel craig, eminem, raffe spall, betrayel, harold pinter, blue jasmin, kesha, atlantic city, 
burlesque, equador, pink river dolphins, 
best comedy on youtube, comedy,funny, haha youtube, youtube sketch comedy, sketch comedy on youtube 

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