BAD Pod #36 Long Island

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BAD is getting classy with pouring beer and server talk…
Tipping etuiquette, Jeff talk Divergent series!
Anna’s laziness about cooking, and her car trouble is having no ac in july! 
JK Rowing’s new book, and dirty Harry Potter names.
The ins and outs of publishing world…. sista solja The Coldest Winter Ever.. Happy Birthday Taryn!
Anna and Taryn went to a movie… Also is there tea in Long Island Ice tea?
And everything you needed to know about soda!
beer, classy, stress,cooking, ac, car, trouble, harry potter, jk rowing, new book, opra, sister soulja, coldest winter ever, birthday, divergent, jelly bracelets, michael vartan, never,been, kissed, robin sparkles, malls, mallrats, bob and silent jay, kevin smith,megan fox, grown ups 2, premiere, the heat, zombies, zombieland, world war z, hob, house of cards, netflix, long island, long island ice tea,  soda, seven up, dr. pepper, coke, sprite, well drink, amaretto, bar, axe, 

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