BAD#43 CNN Click me to listen!


In the scary government shutdown days, it seems appropriate for our theme to be CNN!
BAD attempts to discuss the government shutdown. 
Is killing legal now? Is there police? 
being an only child,  difference between vegans and vegetarians, And fooling yourself into healthy eating if it’s organic. Weird sex addictions, furries,  
Micah’s is upset.
How do you pronounce certain cities and why??
Tay’s awkward bus stories…
superfine, brooklyn, government, shutdown, brunch, dumbo, art fair, CNN, political, federal shutdown, whole foods, anderson cooper, coldstone, ice cream, zombie fest, one direction, don john,  joseph gordon-levitt, furries, strange sex, csi, drive, cinescore, subway cops, homeless people, abc’s of death, tax office, active military, FBI, IRS, national parks, obamacare, comedians, cars getting coffee, toy story 3, cable news network, wikifeet, connecticut, arkansas, louisville, bannaroo, jinlgebell, beyonce, concert fail, masters of sex, michael sheen, lizzy caplan, showtime, z100, i will survive, kindle,  books

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