B.A.D. Podcast# 45 Spiders

BAD# 45 Spiders


Script stealers, 
Anna’s stollen wallet.
Alex goes to Ecuador, Modern Family, 
Getting slapped with a compliment. Jeff never seen dirty dancing. 
Taryn is scared of Anna’s venus fly trap, because it might become carnivorous. 
Micah tells a story about sleeping beauty.
Jeff’s Dorritos commercial.
Anna and Alex have girls night..
Meeting your soul mates and loosing your soul mates..
Spoiler Alert American Horror…and ghost fucking. 
How to loose weight fast! And what is the point of Pet Spas…?
Burn pasta.. 
american horror story, 
blockbuster card, frozen yogurt, taxi, nyc, jfk, laguardia, equador, prospect park, craig’s list,sleep no more, modern family, country strong, vin diesel, ellen barking, edward burns, jesse tyler fergurson, james earl jones, pumpkin spice latte, starbucks, anna abrams, micah henning, jeff welk, taryn feeney, spiders, halloween, the bible, venus fly trap, little shop of horrors, allergies,
friends, reference, backstreet boys, pizza, 2am, turtle bay, BLT, bloody marry, uhaul, sleepy hollow,medium, silver spoon, coffee shop, shabbat, ghosts, ghost stories, ouiji board, Salem, witches, kathy bates, angella basset, evan peters, emma roberts, farmiga, julia roberts, masters of sex, snapchat, 

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