B.A.D.#46 Pumpkin 2- The full story

BAD #46 Pumpkin 2 the full story of pumpkin and all things Halloween!

Click me to Listen!


Alex gets probably sold into slavery in Nicaragua, 
Tay moves to Connecticut, I mean Kentucky
And Micah has a porn spa day.
Ghost stories, halloween parties…and more.
Anna is blurred lines at the Brooklyn Brewery,
Jeff’s west harlem drinkning, Danny belongs to a cult.
Danny’s Nutella Roosevelt Island Party!
All in all a good and wholesome halloween 🙂
Does size matter in pumpkins? email us your thoughts.



prawn, pumpkin, native americans, nights of the future, lcd, Fibonacci sequense, Da Vinci code, 
in the heights,cats,balloons,halloween, sugar high,cabin in the woods, joss whedon, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, jersey shore, fat mac, burt’s bees, brunch, halloween party, brooklyn brewery, west harlem, mercury bar, rudy’s, Roosevelt island, Nutella, f train, court square, Queensboro plaza, roommate stuff, AMDA, Michigan University, hospital, make-up, subway,late night, gay mess,beer pong, flip cup, champaign, college, freedom song,cult, club, church,Hill Song United,arrested development, will arnett, tv, anna abrams,danny wilfred, jeff welk, bedlam and delirium, BAD, fame jensen, ryan murphy, nip/tuck, american horror story, glee, de bauba, 80’s,dad’s nbc,seth green, entourage, spin city, dharma&greg, sex in the city, sienfield,

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