B.A.D. #47 PBR

B.A.D.#47 PBR


Anna rambles on about the ’90’s and The Tom Green Show, Beastie Boys and Eminem, 
Micah’s thoughts about MTV’s lack of music. 
Jeff gets ditsy about his haircut..and flushes his keys at the gym, and then tries to map out his apt .
Being locked in the bathroom, in the closet and in the other places of your house. 
And sorry for Jeff’s poetry reading skills…. 😦
And bringing back of the Full House.
tom green, show, internet,topless pancakes, hyper media,risky business, xmen2, trl, alain cummings, fame jennings, rebecca romaijn, eminem, bezerk, beast boys, influence, cleaning out my closet,spice girls, audio cassettes, eddie murphy, posh spice, 24hr locksmith, remember remember the 5th of november, guy faux, PBR, beer, labs blue ribbon, Brooklyn, Milwaukee, 12years of slave, the dallas byers club, goonies, de bow bow, oh yeah, yello, benedict cummerbatch, michael fassbender, brad pitt, Steven mcqueen, thomas crown affair,  jared leto, lindsay lohan, chapter 27, matthew mcconaughey, steven sodden berg, ambien, liberace, side effects, the 5th estate, the counselor, book of mormon, amanda seyfried, allentown, lovelace, starbucks, the jeffrey, improv, ucb, full house, jeff daniels, dave coolier, the alson twins,  



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