BAD Pod#52 Bailey’s. The Holiday Special!

Happy Holidays! 

B.A.D.#52 SKIPPING TO Xmas – Baileys

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For pur last podcast of 2013, we talk about new year’s resolutions, our goals, Baileys and other stuff.

Jeff is being released from the captivity and moving into a new apartment!

BAD gets confused about Michael Shannon vs Michael Sheen.

Getting a job isn’t easy,

Serious topics being discussed,Is JLaw a good actress?

And Oscar debates occur..


And the movie the room, 

Danny’s work at a Disney’s Cruise as Simba,


Baileys, thunder down under, stripping, superman, masters of sex, michael shannon, michael sheen, seth meyers, jimmy fallon, jay leno,bad burger, bedlam and delirium, email, job, august osage county, julia roberts, benedict cummerbatch, jennifer lawrence, hunger games 2, jim jarmusch, silver linings playbook, american hustle, bill murray, the room, disney, cruise, the magic cruse, the mighty boosh, the  fox, noel fielding, julian bar rat, the daily show, new years, resolutions, christmas, hipster, new beyonce, 

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