B.A.D. POD# 53 Rum

Click me to Hear me:)

Beerpong at work, 

Anna’s romantic shower for one, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Boyfriend replacement soap. Saying no to couples and Brooklyn living.

An actor’s life in New York City as told by Danny 

Anna’s BDay is coming. 

Danny + College + Bacardi 151 = Fun stories. 

And of course there is always some delicious Netflix talk.

Alex’s previous abusive personality comes out in a childhood story. 

As always some casual gay bars talk creeps in to our conversation. 

But of course we finish off with our exciting stories of our New Years Eve celebrations, libations, miscommunications and jubilations. 

Crazy interactions, LES, pianos, lower, east, side, rum, st. martin, st. barths, island, vacation, happy new year, audition, beerpong, work,equity, sister act, disney world, actors, life, bushgardens, call back, ripley greer, shelter studios, home depot, brooklyn, new york city, fairies, carribean, mischief, iguana, alabama, south dakota, cheese, college, drunk, bacardi 151, mormons, coke, netflix, charmed, the groom, julian mcmahon, balthazor, rainn wilson, christian troy, nip tuck, strawberry, billiards league, industry, therapy, gay bar, hells kitchen, NYE, new years eve, wall st, university of michigan, JFK, laguardia, can’t hardly wait, the wolf of wall st, movies, american horror story, 

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