BAD Pod# 54 Champaign

B.A.D# 54 Champaign

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Anna and Alex trying to figure out the name of the stupid one from Mean Girls.
Anna’s story about her struggle through the snow storm for her college audition, and her lower school latin studies.
Celebrating Anna’s BDay. with Champaign.
Movie talk topic is about “Her” and our thought about having a relationship with a fictional character. And should it be outsourced?
And trying to explain the  concept of gelatin to Alex. 
Mean Girls, Fordham University, snow storm, nyc,  Jeff Bridges, Bo Bridges, latin, carpe diem, beyonce, kanye west, birthday, champaign, rose, zinfandel, wine, proseco, barcade, brooklyn, her, movies, anna abrams, alex eden, danny wilfred, scarlet johanson, joaquin phoenix, spike jones, terminator, os system, episodes, matt leblanc, snl, drake, degrassi, wanda sykes, kennan, broad city, hulu, comedy central, cub, second city, io, parks and reks, american horror story, shameless, stevie nicks, yellowstone, onsie, fleece, spa socks, espresso, serendipity, fanny pack, auditions, gelatin,jello-shots, pop rocks, skittles, vodka, wikihow, charmed, nick at night, peacock, illinois, 

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