BAD #55 Chocolate


We introduce Jenny, and Danny and Micah say their goodbyes! 

Our Superbowl Sunday activity. 

Micah tells us the story of his broken pinky 

Jeff whines about his roommate. 

Cooking eggs in a microwave. 

Alex’s welcoming ways of other students.

It’s not easy being an actor in NYC. 

………And Anna has an OkCupid fight.

Micah’s caution tale about eating “Oregano” brownies..

Meet Jenny as talks about choosing to not drink #respect #jealous and befriending  homeless kid.

audition, nyc, insanity, workout, broken finger, spicy chicken, thai food, subway, Astoria, valentines day, cats, #rippsh, RIP, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Haley Joel Osment, moving out, actors life, 
freecycle, microwave food, pot noodle, UCB, SNL, improv group, jim Breuer, sex and the city, 
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