BAD POD #56 Daffodils.

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All that you ever need to know about daffodils. 
Final goodbyes to Danny! 
hose of cards !!!!
corn tortillas with hummus accompany the talks about the town drunk, who offers people a swig from his flask and offers free jewelry. 
Should Anna stop eating food that has expired. 
Some inside info about NYFA.
How to work with an old camera equipment. 
Is Jenny basically vegan…? 
Brooklyn the hot spot for Carvel?
No wine at the grocery store in NYC.
………..and Alex has Mono!
Also best buy drug tests their employees, clearly not very vigorously. 
Daffodils: written by Anna Abrams.
Daffodil or Narcissus is  a flower that represents the spring, even though it’s now still winter, I just thought wishful thinking.Daffodil was originally called narcissus because it is said to be very pretty and delicate flower, and therefore a narcissist! It needs constant care and affection or it will wilt. In the ancient greek times, daffodils were given to the prettiest girls and boys in town to emphasize their beauty and high maintenance status. It is important to mention that daffodil has a narcotic tendencies, it can cause temporarily paralysis. In fact the bulb of daffodil have very strong toxins in it and should not be consumed. If one frolics int he field of daffodils they may get a reaction similar to the poison ivy, dermatitis, itchy skin, dry patches, redness etc. In the folklore the legend goes that, daffodil was cursed by the goddess venus, because she felt that all the beautiful people who were given daffodils started to act mean spirited and vain, and so she cursed the flower so that who ever touched it would get pimples and rashes. But now daffodil considered to be just a spring flower, because it usually blooms at the early stages of spring, because it likes the cold weather. That is it for daffodil and remember if you see a daffodil don’t eat it, because you can get partial paralysis or severe toxin poisoning. 


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