B.A.D.# 58 Channing Tatum & Nail Polish

Click me to Hear mE 🙂 #58 Channing Tatum & Polish

B.A.D. # 58 Nail Polish & Channing Tatum

written by Anna Abrams

 Girls Night.  

Hello and welcome to today’s girls only podcast, and by the way all I had to eat today was sprouts so pardon me if I faint sometime during the podcast.  Now since it’s ladies night at chez BAD. I was trying to find the girlies possible theme ever and I narrowed it down to 2, so todays podcast will consists of Nail Polish History and Channing Tatum, or his abs, and dance moves, basically magic Mike.

 So Nail Polish, also known as nail varnish or nail lacquer is dated as far back as 3000 BC china where only members of the Royal Family were allowed to wear nail polish. The only non royal person that was allowed to wear nail polish were geishas. Red and gold nail polish colors were considered to be for good luck, red represented long life and gold was prosperity.  In ancient Egypt not only women but also men were nail polish it is said that Cleopatra was buried, or mummified with 20’’ inch nails that were painted with real gold on the left hand and silver on the right. To represent the day and the night, or sun and moon.  Nowadays there are three types of nail polish:                                                                                              Regular nail polish by brands like Essie, OPI, wet’n wild etc. Which is a polymer based polish, with butyl acetate or ethyl acetate.                                                                                                                                      Top/base coat-   that is a clear polish that used to helps color polish to adhere to the nail faster.          And Gel polish- which can only be set by ultra violet light. 

 Now like nail polish Channing Tatum, born Channing Mathew Tatum on  April 26, 1980. Is an American stripper turned God, and sex symbol in the 2000’s.  Mr. Tatum was born in Alabama but grew up in the Mississippi bayous, just like Huckleberry Finn.      He rose to fame with teen flicks like she’s the man , starring then normal Amanda Bynes, and Step Up but according to the popular belief he was not in the movie John Tucker Must Die! that was that gay looking guy from Dallas.                                                                                                                                           Mr. Tatum has hit the apex of his Sexy God Status in the Steven Soddenberg’s Magic Mike where he played a greased up, beefcake stripper called Mike.                                                                                           Mr. Tatum, has 2 tattoos, on with his Baby’s name, “Trisha” on the inside of his left arm and one of a dancing peanut he got when he was 17 and thought it was funny on his inner right thigh. He is allergic to strawberries, loves hamsters and if he had one wish he would wish for World Peace.

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