B.A.D. Podcast # 59 Rainbow

BAD#59 Rainbows

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Rainbows introduction written by Anna Abrams

This is in reference to the St. Paddy’s, and being Irish and also the controversy about the whole gay rights during the St. Patricks Day Parade. Now, rainbows are Irish for a simple reason that they are an optical meteorogial phenomenon was spotted for the first time in Ireland, during the celtic times around 2500 BC, and it was documented in of the old writing from the what is now a abbots of St George. They wrote that a few natives believe that rainbows is what happens when the Celtic Gods are pleased.  And if there is no rainbows were spotted after a major festival of the gods the natives would use sacrifice, such as sheep, fruits and even gold, they’d bring it to the altar until a rainbow appears.  Fortunately Ireland is a very moist, and rainy country and therefore the rainbow was a common occurrence there.

The idea that a small man, “the leprechaun “ lives with a pot of gold came from the 700BC which was somewhat of a gold rush age in Ireland. For that is when gold was discovered, Ireland was rich with the mineral  and so the mining of it has started. And because of the celtic beliefs a lot of locals would mind at what they believed as an end of the rainbow. And most of the miners those days were kids so the myth of a small man with a pot of gold was born, and is somewhat true. Other culture that have an unusual belief in rainbows include Haiti – they believe that rainbow is a sign of good fortune.Vientam- the believe that rainbow is a bridge for the dead souls to pass to the underworld. and most famous is Noah in the bible is it mentioned that GOD send a  rainbow as a sign of a good faith covenant in genesis 8-9. In Missouri there is a law that states a man on a horse is not allowed to cross a rainbow unless he has a woman and a child with him. In Idaho there is a law that says one, who has ducks or chickens must feed them at the sign of a first rainbow.


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