BAD# 60 Kevin Bacon

# 60 Kevin Bacon, the best of all the bacons…

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B.A.D. #60 Kevin Bacon


© Anna Abrams 2014


Now first and foremost to clear any misunderstandings, Kevin Bacon, invented bacon. 

Or to be more precise his grandfather did. 

Mr. Ellis William Bacon of Philadelphia was a butcher who realized the popularity of pig fat strips  or bacon and started distributing it to local supermarkets calling with just a simple stamp on the paper bag that said “Bacon” in 1902. 

Once the business took off the name bacon just sort of stuck with the fatty part of the pig. 


Now Kevin Bacon, born Kevin Norwood Bacon on July 8 1958. In Philadelphia the city not the film,  We all know him for his infectious music as a half of the bacon brothers the blue country rock band. He is also an actor, you might recognize him from  Lemon Sky,   National Lampoon’s Animal House, where he made his first ever film debut, The Gift and of course Footloose a film starring the great John Lithgow. 


You cannot talk about Kevin Bacon without talking about six degrees of Kevin Bacon, which is not only a game 

according to which almost anyone in the film and entertainment business has only a six degrees of separation from Kevin. I myself have 8 degrees.  


It is also a religion and a secret society that was formed by his brother Michael in 1969. The people that are suspected to be part of the society are among: Tom Hanks, Andy Warhol, President Obama, the former Pope Benedict, CEO of Subways Fred DeLuca and one of the Olsen Twins. The society is told to meet every full moon and streak through an amply field while trying to tip as many cows as possible. Other activities are unknown. 

According to the last U.S. and Indian population census there are 270,000 people that have been named Kevin Bacon, Bacon being their middle name, because of Kev’s popularity. 


It is said that Kevin Bacon has appeared in more than 3000 films, commercials, tv and other media appearances. 


And lastly in North Dakota Kevin Bacon can also be used as a profanity, implying somebody being a slut or easy,  as in “ this girl is a total Kevin Bacon,” .


That is it.  


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