BAD Pod# 61 Passion Fruit

Welcome Dan. 
The history of passion fruit, and chit chat over the bottle of wine..
Anna takes yoga from a stoned instructor, 
Noah vs Grand Budapest Hotel, 
Andrew and the erotic fire of the unattainable…and forgettable orgy…
Dan’s 2 degrees of snooky and the great parts of new jersey, and the abundance of sports in his life.
Drinking at 9am on Zog wine trip, 

 This fictional introduction was written by Anna Abrams

B.A.D. # 61 Passion Fruit

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Passion Fruit is native of New Zealand and was first discovered as an edible fruit in the 1970’s. But is grows in over 23 countries. 


Upon hearing it’s name, most would assume that the fruit would be aggressive and slutty, when in fact Passion fruit is a sweet and sensitive fruit by nature. It doesn’t like attention and that is why it has a hard and unfriendly shell that it hides behind. 


Although it is called a fruit, it is in fact a berry. It is called passion fruit because of it’s flower, the passion flower or passion flora, as it is called in latin, was told to have narcotic properties and was frequently used as a tea or an extract in the olden days, for the amorous purposes. It is said that the passion flower extract is similar tot he effect of an ecstasy pill. So basically it was an old time rufee.  And it is the national flower of Paraguay. 


In Oman, which is a middle eastern country bordering pakistan and yemen, it  is illegal to have more than 5 passion fruits on one person. 


In Delaware, it is illegal to feed passion fruit to either a chicken or a cat. 


And finally in Alaska, passion fruit is not allowed to be closer that 500 yards from birch tree. 

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