B.A.D.Pod#63 Macaroons

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B.A.D. # 63 Macaroons

©Anna Abrams 4/15/2014

Macaroons! Are known to be traditional Passover treat. A delicious sweet coconut flakes held together be egg, mixed with sugar and baked until crispy outsides and soft insides. 

You will be interested to find out that originally the macaroon was most considered to be jewish at all, it was created sometime in the early 9th century by Italian monks. 

And the original macaroons contained almond paste, coconut, egg, sugar and anise. (licorish spice) 

The dessert became so popular and spread to france, spain and north america. It is said that a coconut macaroon was catherine de medidci’s (queen of france) favorite dessert, as well as Natalie Portman’s, Dwane the rock Johnoson’s and rappers Ice T. 

The desert became popular in the Jewish culture only in the late 1900’s by the italian Jews who realized that this desert contains no flower and therefore could be eaten during passover. 

There are few variations macaroons.

There is an Indian macaroon which os made with cashews instead of coconut, curry, cinnamon, and cardamon.

The Dominican macaroon – made with cinnamon, coffee and rum.

Irish macaroon is made with potato, whiskey, molasses and egg. 

And Chinese macaroon which is also known as an almond paste cookie. 

Happy Passover Everybody. 


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