B.A.D. # 73 Coffins


A very sad podcast in which we remember and grief the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams. Our favorite Robin movies and other stories. Such as Jeff’s BDAY, Chris Pratt and the Guardians of the Galaxy.
The movie experience, – people who talk at the movies, asking people to move, old mean people at the movies and very tall men.
Anna rants about evil people that work at apple store, and Dan and Jeff share their apple stories. And don’t be a dick about broken phones.
And evil autocorrects.

robin williams, death, coffins, bad, bedlam, delirium, jumamji, hook, quesadilla, in the mood to cook, vampires, silver, victorian era, bertlt brecht, kiss casket, kiss, chris pratt, movies, blue jasmine, apple store, mean apple geniuses, applefail, sprint, apple store, rockaway, autocorrect, well,will, autoerotic esphisiation, nymphomaniac, lars von tiers, autoerotic asphyxiation, jim carrey, when dream may come, one hour photo, detroit, jack white, quentin tarantino, chocking, dan medvidick, anna abrams, jeffrey welk,

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