B.A.D. Podcast#80 Hot Toddy

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A hot toddy is a traditional medicinal drink of the highland i.e. Scotland!

Where during the cold winter, autumn, spring and even sometime summer months, a drink is needed to keep you warm and sane. 

Therefore a Hot Toddy is originally made with heated Scotch Whiskey, cinnamon sticks, cardamon, bitters, honey, water, and a lemon slice. It is mean to soothe the soul and ideally should be drunk before bedtime although many just drink it through out the day. It causes a great buzz. 

Other variations of Hott Toddy are:

adding ginger ale, or ginger root to the mix.

replacing whiskey with gin, vodka, rum, absinthe or pretty much any type of alcohol including rubbing alcohol, although I wouldn’t recommend the last one. 

Adding orange peel, muddled strawberries and replacing honey for jam or just plain sugar. 

In 1987 a young student by the name of Anges McNally who studied History at the Oxford University famously lived on only Hot Toddies for a month straight and was absolutely fine except maybe a little malnourished and constantly drunk. As a side note his grade point average for that semester was the highest in his entire student career. 

In Kentucky it is illegal to sell irish whiskey out of a truck but not bourbon. 

In Malaysia it is illegal for a some over 30 to drink wine. 

In New York all whiskey  must pass a special licensing before being sold to a bar or a restaurant. 

In Oklahoma any alcoholic beverage that is over 4% of alcohol by volume cant be sold chilled.


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