B.A.D.# 82 Dance

B.A.D. # 82 Dance

Dance a word that brought many feelings of joy, hate, embarrassment and pure horror to many people and animals over the years. 

The origin of dance is unknown but according to Steven Hawkins Brief History of Time, and I’m reading between the lines dance was created before the earth. In fact the big bang theory of evolution north TV show, is based on the a dance movement, it is believed that 3 planetary bodies have been affected by the lightwaves in as a result have altered their movement, as in began to dance, and coincidentally ended up in colliding with each other thus resulting the big bang, and bringing life to the planet Earth.

Fast forward through history, and we arrive at the conclusion that the are 6 main categories of dance.

  1. Ceremonial, such we wedding or funerals is you’re in Philippines. 
  2. War dance, which a dance that officiates the start of war.
  3. Religious. self explanatory.
  4. Erotic, strippers!
  5. White people, which is usually a combination of a seizure, a shrug, jumping up in the air and swaying. 
  6. And Ballet, which is painful and used to be used as a method of torture during the Spanish inquisition. 

The word dance comes from a french word dancer to dance. 

On to the Laws.

In Purdy, Missuri dance is prohibited. Yes, Even after footloose. 

In George, Utah dancing is only allowed if you have a permit. And as it was in the recent news, the police raided a halloween party this year to stop people from dancing. But marrying your own sister or a sheep is totally legal.

In Thailand if you are dancing in the naked you must not in any manner be sexually suggestive in your dance. 

And in New York, you are not allowed to dance in bars unless they have a dance permit. 

Historical facts for November 18th. 

It is Mickey Mouses Birthday he is 86 years old. 1928.

So is Owen Wilson, Steven Moffat (dr who and sherlock) and the rapper Fabulous.

Marcel Proust french writer who wrote a swans way died today in 1922, and is barried at Pierre la chaise. 

In 2003 Massachussets rules for same sex marriage making it the first state to legalize gay marriage!

By Lady Anna 


$1 oysters, left overs,  
Dance, Anna destroys a tree while staring at Luke Wilson. 
Famous birthdays Rapper Fabolous. A slight segueing towards  Pierre La Chaise
Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison 
Anna and Dan go to the Met.Ok cupid kinky guy. 
Paul Cezanne, madame cezane. 
Eventfull night of 
ny minute date, 
no free drinks for lindsey
bar hopping, 
bad host, 
And the festival of lights in DUMBO, was the Shiiiiiiiiiit!
luke wilson, speed dating, ny minute, bad, bedlam and delirium, actors, talk radio, podcast, okcupid, fabulous,steven moffat, black magic, jvc, bullshit, the Met, Paul Cezanne, art, culture, poetry, jim morrison, pierre la chaise, the breakfast club, headsup,DUMBO, light festival, BK, Brooklyn, anna abrams, dan medvidick, lindsey seide, 

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