BAD Podcast #85 New Year! 2015

B.A.D. Pod #85 New Year! 

Click me to listen 😉 



BAD#85 New Year

Welcome to the BAD podcast 2015! If you can believe it, it’s our 3rd year podcasting!!!

Therefore our theme is the New Year!!!


We start podcast with as usual a brief history of when and how January 1st became the 1st day. 

Dan goes deep in to innuendos about champaign, 

  • gets confused about paranormal activity!
  • talks about In to The Woods and Unbroken, I think spoiler alert!

Lindsey talks about horror movies, babaduke and other weirs ones.

Get A New Hobby OR Die Trying!!! – linney.

Anna gets excited about Dan Stevens.

And spoiler ALERT in case you didn’t watch the guest, cuz we dive balls deep into that one!!!

I mean what the fuck! Also it really is like Drive wanna be!

~Owh Dan Stevens you so pretty would u please come and play with ahem me heart 😉 ~

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