B.A.D.# 88 Carrot Cake


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Quote of the day, Anna – “ I feel like New Girl is like an individual slice of Kraft cheese, you can take or leave it, it’s not like u’re gonna enjoy it but you don’t really hate it either, you can eat it but you’re not gonna get any nutrition from that” 
Beer and Wine 
for those who wonder what ambrosia salad is, listen on! 
We talk a lot about pies in the beginning, its because once you start talking about pie it’s really hard to stop talking about pie! 
And today was a national pancake day! 
And of course Oscars talk! 
Anna falls asleep and misses everything, Dan comments on everything and Lindsey is excited about Whiplash! 
Neil Patrick Harris – bad choice? 
and of course is the dress black, blue, white, gold…??? 
A story of drunk guys and drunk girls in bars.

corona, barollo, red wine, ithaca apricot wheat, hot pocket, uggs, march, snow, slush, new york weather, st.Patricks, kfc, white castle, CNN, ambrosia salad, the temptations, my girl, 1965, jean harlow, jessica biel, hot tub time machine, the oscars, 50 shades of grey, adam scott, neil patrick harris, opra, annie remake, jokes, dakota johnson, obama, harold and kumar go to white castle, gone girl, restaurant week, scooby doo, shaggy, welma, rita ora, christian grey, empire, glee, happy endings, marry me nbc, off the boat, ken marino, party down, scandal, new girl, once upon a time, true blood, ursula, cruel devil, maleficent, storybook, american horror story, lady gaga, adam lavine, the walking dead, sarah pulson, the coven, marcia gay harden,

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