BAD Podcast # 90 Sangriiia!

B.A.D.#90 Sangria!

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Tonight we are joined by Max Done, an actor and a Texan!
Happy Happy Easter and Passover everyone!
Drive through liquor store in small town in Texas, called Rainbows!
Dan talks us through how to throw computer from the roof, if you tun out of fruit.
and tells a story about selfish actors and how no-no it really is to be that!
Anna saw Hors not whores! on netflix!
Tidal discussion, JayZ- Jack White, and is it an artist collective?

The history of Sangria and other fascinating facts.

By yours truly Lady Anna (

Is a red wine drink that has no origin, some say it was invented by the romans, the other say it was invented in Spain in the 1400’s others believe that it’s a conspiracy to sell cheap wine and was invented in china in the 1970’s.

However the traditional Sangria recipe is:

Red Wine

Fruit, such as apples, grapes, oranges, cherries and pineapple.

Sweetener, honey, sugar, maple syrop

And brandy, vodka or rum. 

The seven up sangria is the same as regular just has seven up in it. 

It is suggested by in the manuscript of father John who was a monk in the 1559 Portugal that sangria should be drunk in the evening on Holy Saturday, before Easter, to cleanse one’s mind and soul, and allow your heart to be opened to God.

In the 74th episode of the Simpsons, Home decides to create a Sangria Stand to make extra money, and uses Duff Beer instead of red wine, and cigarette butts and hot dogs instead on fruit. 

There is also a bar in Hoboken NJ called Mike2 that has a sangria Sunday, during which they serve $10 Sangria Pitchers, and in NYC’s restaurant Calle Ocho offers an unlimited Sangria Brunch and has a choice of over 8 Sangrias. 

In 1982 the Sangria Diet was popular in Miami, Florida, which stated that one cannot eat any carbohydrates and the only liquid one is allowed to drink is Sangria. 

The worlds weirdest Sangria was made with, Red Wine, White Wine, marshmallows, sliced strawberries, gin, Grape Soda, sour patch kids candy, chocolate liquor, Ice tea, splash of ever clear and red cool aid, it was invented in University if Alabama in 1992 and was popular during its students. 

Conclusion Sangria is Delicious.

On this Day today April 8th

In 1879 Milk was sold in glass bottles for the first time.

In 1971 first ever OTB off track betting opens in New York.

In 1918 Betty Ford is born first lady (Gerald Ford 38th, alcoholic)

In 1947 Henry Ford dies at 83

In 1982 Bryan Cranson divorced his first wife


In Iowa it is illegal for liquor sellers to give any alcoholic presents for the holidays, birthdays, weddings etc.

In Texas bar prohibit for the alcohol bottles or glasses to have any design similar to an american flag or military.

In North Dakota coupons are forbidden on alcohol.

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