B.A.D. #94 EDC

# 94 EDC

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Welcome back, we miss you just as much as you missed us!

Anna goes to EDC NY, and brings back the history of EDC and some other stories and EDC review.
  • really, really, REALLY, long bathroom lines, NOT OK EDC! Just rent more porter potties or use the actual stadium that is made for handling large quantities of people.  
  • Shares her thoughts on Lukas Black aging like a potato.
  • stories from the filming
Dan gets told to stop smiling! To all actors don’t be flaky! That acting like a job, because if you are an actor it is your job.  
Why are Furious 7 so furious 7 films later, can’t they be lightly irritated and driving the speed limit. 
Lindsey and Anna – drool over Chris Pratt, thoughts on the attention spin of a generation getting shorter to non-existent. And celebrity snapchat – yay or nay!?
it’s national burger day.
Disconnected film, sandwich, jack daniels, apple jack, EDC, electric music, electric daisy carnival, flowers. dj, calvin harris, neon, concert, festival, 1992, warehouse, rave, metlife stadium, weehawken, EDC NY, Las Vegas, New York, Afrojack, Tiesto, Krewella, under the electric sky, sundance, netflix, dec review, t-bone walker, rudy guilliani, Maya Angelou, Gary Colman, Henry VIII married Ann Beylen, mad max, tina turner, Guillermo Del Toro, Tom Hiddleston, Crimson Peak, Jessica Chastein, Furious 7, Lukas Black, blue crush, matthew davis, michelle rodriguez, jordana brewster,  jurassic world, chris pratt, central park, monty python,

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