B.A.D. Pod# 100 Anna

BAD Pod # 100th!!!! Anna Click Me to Hear ME 😉

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We made it to our 100th podcast! Oh wOw, that really is amazing!
Welcome to our special guest the Hungry Hutch! Follow him @thehungryhutch on instagram, twitter or thehungryhutch.com. Thanks Aaron for doing us. 
We talk about the name Anna and other funny names around the world that we saw on internet or just heard about. 
Talk about horror movies, Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

Anna is name that has a greek,latin and hebrew origin, it comes from the names of Hanna and Anne, and was the virgin Mary’s mother’s name. 

Ot mans grace, which is Ironic because I’m quite clumsy.

There is over 70 variations of the name Anna.

AnnaMaria.- italian,


Anika- dutch


Annelle- French.

One of the most famous fictional heroines with the name Anna is Anna from Frozen, I’m kidding well not really, but its acually Anna Karennina by Leo Tolstoy.

There are a few place in the world that have region named Anna

Anna, Fars province, a village in Iran – Anna Faris?

Anna, Valencia in Spain,

Anna valley , village in Hapshire UK

Anna, community Kentucky, city Illinois, village Ohio, city Texas and Lake Anna in central Virginia. 

9 Films with the title Anna. 

There is an Anna Apple, and a a first dog named Anna, that survived a pulmonary bypass, and a genus of sea snails.

34 US

According to the urban dictionary it means – the most awesome person ever, you cant fit so mush awesomeness even if you try. 


1960- Hitcok’s Psycho Premirs in LA

1985- michael jackson buys ATV Music and all the right to the The Beatles songs.


justin thoreaux 1971 and Rosanna Arquette 1959 and Kylie Jenner 1997


Isaac Hayes, singer song writer, Shaft theme song, 

Congratualations toanimal, vegetable

Virginia Wolf who weds political theorist Leonard Wolf in 1912


New Zeland- cannot offend a reasonable person, but you can still get weird.

regected names – stallion, yeah detroit, fish and chips, sex fruit, satan, adolf hitler – why?

ben got lucky.

approved- bus shelter, violence, number 16, midnight chardonnay, 

Malaysia- list on names, and you cannot name your baby, after a fruit, color, or give them royal titles. 

In UK – you’re child  must have at least one middle name if not more.

In California- non alphabetical characters are illegal, like *,- which is a problem for José.

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toff, the online film festival. 

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