B.A.D.# 101 Corn

BAD #101 Corn

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The history of corn or maze. Why would you start a fire at a cemetery. 

Snooki gets lip injections. 

Anna, Lindsey and Dan tries to figure out who Kylie Jenner, Tyga and China Blac are….

Edvard Munch and the scream.

Dan talks about his experience of visiting the Louvre and  seeing The Mona Lisa. 

Lindsey talks about Straight Outta Compton and light history of rap. 

Anna draws compartment between rap in the 1980’s and the doors, and the beatles. 

Dan talks about his trip to Ohio, and the volleyball tournament. 

Lindsey goes the Washington and realizes it is the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech. 

Anna takes a trip to Sea Isle City and Jersey Shore Bar with $ 3 fireball shots and WaWa

straight outta compton, maze, fire, cemetery, richard gere, chris tucker, kevin heart, spooky, instagram, kylie jenner, tyga, china black, edvard munch, the scream, mona lisa, the louvre, leonardo da vinci, ice cube, dr. dre, rap, nwa, the doors, elvis, the beatles, ohio, volleyball, washington dc, MLK, cape may, sea isle city, wawa, Layes gravy potato chips, 

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