B.A.D. #102 VooDoo

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B.A.D.# 102 VooDoo

It is the end of September and thus beginning of October, the month of Halloween, dressing up as a slut, drinking excessively and candy!

So our topic is VooDoo!

There are numerous variations of VooDoo, the VooDoo that we are talking about tonight is the Luisiana, New Orleans VooDoo.

New Orleans VooDoo comes from the African Diaspora rituals, legends, stories, myths and drunk encounters. 

It originated primarily from the West African, and the French, Creole and Spanish people in the U.S. 

VooDoo relies heavily on Gris-Gris, not the song by Dr. John, but gris-gris is a term for an amulet, that can defend you or bring you good luck or do whatever it is you need.

A gris-gris that you would know is the VooDoo Doll. 

VooDoo Doll came from Haitian VooDoo, 

One of the more famous VooDoo priestesses and kings are Marie Laveau (from the american horror story) she was a real person who helped people in need and Doctor John or the  Bayou John who was the mentor for Marie Laveu.

There are umber of VooDoo rituals, such as taking a live chicken biting its head of and drinking its blood and then chasing it with whiskey , suppose to bring male virility.

Dancing naked during the fool moon, and covering yourself in mud and then urinating of the fire, suppose to help you find love.

Or taking special herbs and spices while sitting by the campfire  and then putting wet leaves to make it smoke, suppose to help you communicate with spirits through smoke. 

There is also an American Football Team, the New Orleans VooDoo.

Today this happened:

1785 Napoleon Bonaparte graduated from military academy 42nd from class of 51, well done.

1850- US navy takes flogging as punishment from its regulations.

1978- black sabbaths 8th “ Never say die”last album featuring Ozzy Osbourne, he got fired. 

Happy BDy Hillary Duff (29) and Brigitte Bardot (80) christopher evan Welch (49) died last year from cancer

Bye- Miles Davies dies at 65 1991 phenomena


Maine shotguns must be taken to church incase of attack.

Omaha it is against the law to sneeze in church.

In New York it is illegal to fart in church.

BAD# 102 VooDoo

Happy Halloween! 

Settle in relax and learn all you need to do about Voo-Doo!

We talk about  the Martian, Mars, Mission to Mars, and all other mars related thing like the Kardashians. 

And remember in New York it is illegal to fart in a church.

-really new york, really?

Magic spells, blood moon, rituals and blood of the chicken….

Facebook dislike, is it ok? – sequel to Unfriended ..

Dan talks about how gay men not allowed to donate blood to american blood bank.

How short was Napoleon?

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