B.A.D. Pod #103 Werewolves

BAD#103 Werewolves

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Welcome to our halloween podcast as we get drunk on rum and take about werwolves. 

Anna and Lindsey plan to go see Crimson Peak, 

The advancement of Technology and food of Hockey. 

Dan tells about his X-Men-ish encounter in Staples. 

Lindsey looses it over while telling the story about Bear Bears, 

Wedding stories from Anna and Dan from church service to drooling guests and inappropriate stories about exes.  

Werewolves  or Lycanthrope come from Greek words Lycan and Thrope – which translate to very and hairy, so werewolves come from Greece. 

They were first spotted in 1513 by the Greek philosopher Geeksopholys. He was described as a lonely “bachelour” that enjoyed painting, decorating, winemaking and having a lot of imaginary friends. 

The legend goes that is was the first ever blood moon, it was tuesday, and Geeksopholys was taking his midnight stroll with one of his “friends”, when all of a sudden he saw his neighbor run out of the house and then procede to howl, scream, take out the garbage, and complain about how high his taxes were and also turn into a wolf.

Geeksopholys ran back to his house as fast as he could to check how much his taxes were, because his neighbor wolf actually paid less. And also to paint this beast that he saw. 

From then on the word spread about this half man half wolf, half accountant. But ever the years as more and more werewolves have spread throughout the world, some of them were were-imposters, and were not the real werewolves, they were were – badgers, and those are a nasty species, said that they crawled out from hell. 

Anyway now majority of the werewolves dent work in accounting industry anymore, now they work in hollywood, because they make way more money and have less work, especially in the underworld movies. 


1979 Wayne Gretzky scored his first goal. 

1964- Martin Luther King Jr wins Nobel Prize

Bday –  1644 William Penn ( founder Pensylvania)

Usher- 1978, Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890, Mia Wasikowska (26)

Congratulations- Ann Rice- 1961 (20) weds Stan Rice (18) Texas

Sorry not sorry- 1988- Mike Tyson divorces Robin Givens.

Laws: —- Superstitions

Don’t chew gum after sundown in Turkey, flesh of the dead.

If you have an awkward silence that means that the Angel is passing.

Alabama- it is illegal to drive a car blindfolded.

 west virginia- whistling under water is illegal.

1421 – Switzerland it is prohibited by the punishment of death to socialize with a know werewolf. 

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