B.A.D. pOD# 105 Paris

For Paris with Love.

B.A.D. #105 Paris Click me to Hear Me ❤ 

After the horrific events in Paris, we dedicate this podcast to the beautiful city of lights love and croissant.

Dan and talks us through the rules of wolves the card social game. gets fired from one of his jobs and we trash those evil people for that. 

Baby announcements 

Anna takes picture of foliage. 

Gaming thoughts and being stress free and reminiscing radio stations first cd’s wlakmens and Delilah kiss FM.

B.A.D. # 105 Paris
The city of love and the city of lights. 
It is the capital of France.
Many great things were created in France, macarons, menage a trois, democracy, red lipstick, chain smoking while looking sexy and depressed,  kitten heel, croissant, Luis the VI and Coco Chanel. 
French women considered to be one of the most alluring women in the world, some of it due to their resistance to shaving while having an amazing taste in use of perfume, and also chain smoking while looking sad and sexy. 
French men of course are well know for their lover not a fighter mentality and sexually confusing mannerisms, some say that phrase gay, straight or european was originated about the french men. They also have a great style, that combines slightly disheveled look mixed with couture. And chain smoking while looking sad and sexy while drinking red wine or coffee or both. 
One of the worlds greatest attractions are the Eiffel tower and The Louvre. 
The Eiffel Tower was build in 1889 and is really tall and pretty.
The Louvre has a lot of painting in it and also sculptures, and other antique things of great beauty and historical value. 
Paris was named after Parisii a sub-tribe if the Celtic Senones, according to wikipedia, and it existed since about 3 BC. 
Right now Paris is the 2nd most visited City in the world,
New York is 1st, 
Tokyo – 3
London -4
Rome- 5
Moscow -6
1939 AlCapone got out Alcatraz Jail
1824 5th Ave opens for business.
1957- Ed Gein kills his last victim. 
Maggie Gyllenhaal (38) Chinua Achebe things Fall Apart Lisa Bonet (48)
Sorry to
Lisa Bonet divorces Lenny Kravitz 1987
Clark Gable 1960 59
French  laws
in France it is illegal to name your pig Napoleon.
It is punishable by death to die in the area if you don’t have a cemetery plot there. 
In the french wine regions it is illegal for UFO to fly over vineyards.
You can marry a dead person.
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