BAD POD# 104 Turkey

BAD# 104 Turkey

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Happy Turkey/Thanksgiving day.

Dan talks about getting lost in Ikea, Halloween report, sex in a port o potty – eeeew!

Thought on Matt Damon and Chipotle,  shout out to Jill and Jeff!

Buffy and Angel forever! Suggestions for Leo DiCaprio’s Halloween costume we know your listening!

Reminiscing about old cartoons and WTF is wrong with youtube, what do you think you are FOR, to watch tv shows and movies duuuhhhh!!!!!

v for vendetta, movies, pitch perfect, viva, turkey, Zimbabwe, mcdanalds, ambient,  marcel proust,  david schwimmer, Nelly, george bernard shaw, sweden, ikea, matt damon, chipotle, halloween, batman, loaded question, it follows, lazarus project, marc duplex, olivia wilde, crimson peak, tom hiddleston, mia wakowski, pride prejudice and zombies, skrillex, halloween costumes, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, buffy,  leo dicaprio, bill murray, tom hardy, martin Scorsese, broken flowers, scary movie, freddy vs jason, nightmare on elm street, spectre, james bond, daniel craig, monica bellucci, cristoph waltz, girl with a dragon tattoo sequel, rooney mara, david finches, scooby doo, cartoon network, youtube, mason prime, 


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