B.A.D.# 106 Poinsettia 

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Poinsettia is a red and green leafed christmas plant that is a positive sign that christmas season 

is around the corner. 

It is native to Mexico and is named after a horse that shared its name with the town that it saved christmas in, a small village of Poinzsitivia in Mexico. 

The story goes that at night while all the people in the town were sleeping, some out of towers wondered in to the village and once they saw the Nativity Display at the town’s church they died to vandalize it, little did they know the hoarse that was resting at the church was woken up and once it saw the vandals it started to run towards the vandals and stopping their doings, it also was making lod sounds that the people of the village awoke and were able to seize the vandals and save the Nativity. It is said that the horses favorite plant was the red and green leafed Poinsettia that just used to be a simple weed, but after such heroic act of the horse the town named the plant Poinsettia and planted in around the stable. 

Poinsettia plant are said to bring good luck and happiness.

It is also highly poisonous to cats. 

And not recommended to eat for people too, may cause slight to heavy diarrhea.

Today this happened.

IN 1816 James Monroe the 5th president of US was elected.

1988 Gary Bussey gets into a motorcycle crash and seriously injures himself but survives. 


1840 Crazy Horse was born- Native American War Leader.

Jay-Z 1969 -46, Tyra Banks 42, 


Bram Stoker weds Florence Balcombe in 1878 Dublin, 1979 Liza Minelli 3rd marriage to Mark Gero

Random Laws:

In Connecticut it is illegal to walk backwards after sunset.

Arizona does not allow women to wear pants.

In indiana it is illegal to catch a fish with bare hands. 

In Minnesota you cannot cross state line with a duck or chicken on the top of your hat. 

The holidays are here!

How old is Tyra Banks?

Intergalactic wawa in New Mexico.

Fishing with dynamite, 

Duck and chicken laws in Minnesota 

and of course more naming stories, like what are the popular name of 2015. 

And does the millennial youth know how to write by hand.

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