Farce like you mean it!


Open Auditions in NYC june 7th!


For more info about auditions email:



Sides will be provided at the audition. Camera operators, email letters of inquiry to the same address.

Seeking—Two Male Actors: 21-40, for various comedic roles; Female Actor: 21-40, for various comedic roles, including a female bouncer and a tough insurance representative. Note: Performers must have good comedic timing and some movement ability; improv skills are a plus, but not required. These actors will be considered part of the troupe ensemble. Most roles will be double cast. Seeking nonunion talent.

Also seeking crew—Camera Operator/Videographer: to film sketches intended for YouTube, producers will provide the camera.

“Some clubs charge $3-$10 for performance; performers will be required to cover their own cover charge.” No pay, but copy and credit provided for all positions. Nonunion.






We are a pragmatically enigmatic sketch comedy group in New York City.

Hey guys thanx for checking out our blog, feel free to forward it to your friends and comedy lovers!

We are welcome your insights, comments and even criticism if you must….
Also suggestions or anything that you might find funny and feel like sharing it with the comedic community…..
Hell, we might even consider requests – you suggest a topic and we write out a sketch and perform it for you…..
So subscribe to our blog! Leave a comment or follow us on twitter!

– Keeping it real until we fake it the B.A.D team!


One comment on “Farce like you mean it!

  1. And we are determined to bring laughter to the grumpy and oh so lovely inhabitants of this glorious metropolis that ha been under the jaded spell of cynicism for way to long….

    yours always
    – Lady Anna

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