Episode #115 Coconut


B.A.D.# 106 Poinsettia 

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Poinsettia is a red and green leafed christmas plant that is a positive sign that christmas season 

is around the corner. 

It is native to Mexico and is named after a horse that shared its name with the town that it saved christmas in, a small village of Poinzsitivia in Mexico. 

The story goes that at night while all the people in the town were sleeping, some out of towers wondered in to the village and once they saw the Nativity Display at the town’s church they died to vandalize it, little did they know the hoarse that was resting at the church was woken up and once it saw the vandals it started to run towards the vandals and stopping their doings, it also was making lod sounds that the people of the village awoke and were able to seize the vandals and save the Nativity. It is said that the horses favorite plant was the red and green leafed Poinsettia that just used to be a simple weed, but after such heroic act of the horse the town named the plant Poinsettia and planted in around the stable. 

Poinsettia plant are said to bring good luck and happiness.

It is also highly poisonous to cats. 

And not recommended to eat for people too, may cause slight to heavy diarrhea.

Today this happened.

IN 1816 James Monroe the 5th president of US was elected.

1988 Gary Bussey gets into a motorcycle crash and seriously injures himself but survives. 


1840 Crazy Horse was born- Native American War Leader.

Jay-Z 1969 -46, Tyra Banks 42, 


Bram Stoker weds Florence Balcombe in 1878 Dublin, 1979 Liza Minelli 3rd marriage to Mark Gero

Random Laws:

In Connecticut it is illegal to walk backwards after sunset.

Arizona does not allow women to wear pants.

In indiana it is illegal to catch a fish with bare hands. 

In Minnesota you cannot cross state line with a duck or chicken on the top of your hat. 

The holidays are here!

How old is Tyra Banks?

Intergalactic wawa in New Mexico.

Fishing with dynamite, 

Duck and chicken laws in Minnesota 

and of course more naming stories, like what are the popular name of 2015. 

And does the millennial youth know how to write by hand.

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BAD POD# 104 Turkey

BAD# 104 Turkey

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Happy Turkey/Thanksgiving day.

Dan talks about getting lost in Ikea, Halloween report, sex in a port o potty – eeeew!

Thought on Matt Damon and Chipotle,  shout out to Jill and Jeff!

Buffy and Angel forever! Suggestions for Leo DiCaprio’s Halloween costume we know your listening!

Reminiscing about old cartoons and WTF is wrong with youtube, what do you think you are FOR, to watch tv shows and movies duuuhhhh!!!!!

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B.A.D. pOD# 105 Paris

For Paris with Love.

B.A.D. #105 Paris Click me to Hear Me ❤ 

After the horrific events in Paris, we dedicate this podcast to the beautiful city of lights love and croissant.

Dan and talks us through the rules of wolves the card social game. gets fired from one of his jobs and we trash those evil people for that. 

Baby announcements 

Anna takes picture of foliage. 

Gaming thoughts and being stress free and reminiscing radio stations first cd’s wlakmens and Delilah kiss FM.

B.A.D. # 105 Paris
The city of love and the city of lights. 
It is the capital of France.
Many great things were created in France, macarons, menage a trois, democracy, red lipstick, chain smoking while looking sexy and depressed,  kitten heel, croissant, Luis the VI and Coco Chanel. 
French women considered to be one of the most alluring women in the world, some of it due to their resistance to shaving while having an amazing taste in use of perfume, and also chain smoking while looking sad and sexy. 
French men of course are well know for their lover not a fighter mentality and sexually confusing mannerisms, some say that phrase gay, straight or european was originated about the french men. They also have a great style, that combines slightly disheveled look mixed with couture. And chain smoking while looking sad and sexy while drinking red wine or coffee or both. 
One of the worlds greatest attractions are the Eiffel tower and The Louvre. 
The Eiffel Tower was build in 1889 and is really tall and pretty.
The Louvre has a lot of painting in it and also sculptures, and other antique things of great beauty and historical value. 
Paris was named after Parisii a sub-tribe if the Celtic Senones, according to wikipedia, and it existed since about 3 BC. 
Right now Paris is the 2nd most visited City in the world,
New York is 1st, 
Tokyo – 3
London -4
Rome- 5
Moscow -6
1939 AlCapone got out Alcatraz Jail
1824 5th Ave opens for business.
1957- Ed Gein kills his last victim. 
Maggie Gyllenhaal (38) Chinua Achebe things Fall Apart Lisa Bonet (48)
Sorry to
Lisa Bonet divorces Lenny Kravitz 1987
Clark Gable 1960 59
French  laws
in France it is illegal to name your pig Napoleon.
It is punishable by death to die in the area if you don’t have a cemetery plot there. 
In the french wine regions it is illegal for UFO to fly over vineyards.
You can marry a dead person.
paris, fired from job, hair salon, receptionist,  macaroon, democracy, menage a trios, croissant, Lois IV, Coco Chanel, eiffel tower, the louvre, new york, moscow, rome, london, al Capone, Alcatraz, Ed Gein, Maggie Gylllenhal, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Craviz,  Zoe Kravitz, Clark Gable, Napoleon, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar, Angels in America, A Normal Heart, foliage pictures, the bodyguard, gamecube, nintendo, wii, broken tv’s, midterms, papers, college life, spottily, kiss fm, ktu, z100, 103.5fm, hot 97fm, 95.5fm, grunge, 

B.A.D. Pod #103 Werewolves

BAD#103 Werewolves

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Welcome to our halloween podcast as we get drunk on rum and take about werwolves. 

Anna and Lindsey plan to go see Crimson Peak, 

The advancement of Technology and food of Hockey. 

Dan tells about his X-Men-ish encounter in Staples. 

Lindsey looses it over while telling the story about Bear Bears, 

Wedding stories from Anna and Dan from church service to drooling guests and inappropriate stories about exes.  

Werewolves  or Lycanthrope come from Greek words Lycan and Thrope – which translate to very and hairy, so werewolves come from Greece. 

They were first spotted in 1513 by the Greek philosopher Geeksopholys. He was described as a lonely “bachelour” that enjoyed painting, decorating, winemaking and having a lot of imaginary friends. 

The legend goes that is was the first ever blood moon, it was tuesday, and Geeksopholys was taking his midnight stroll with one of his “friends”, when all of a sudden he saw his neighbor run out of the house and then procede to howl, scream, take out the garbage, and complain about how high his taxes were and also turn into a wolf.

Geeksopholys ran back to his house as fast as he could to check how much his taxes were, because his neighbor wolf actually paid less. And also to paint this beast that he saw. 

From then on the word spread about this half man half wolf, half accountant. But ever the years as more and more werewolves have spread throughout the world, some of them were were-imposters, and were not the real werewolves, they were were – badgers, and those are a nasty species, said that they crawled out from hell. 

Anyway now majority of the werewolves dent work in accounting industry anymore, now they work in hollywood, because they make way more money and have less work, especially in the underworld movies. 


1979 Wayne Gretzky scored his first goal. 

1964- Martin Luther King Jr wins Nobel Prize

Bday –  1644 William Penn ( founder Pensylvania)

Usher- 1978, Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890, Mia Wasikowska (26)

Congratulations- Ann Rice- 1961 (20) weds Stan Rice (18) Texas

Sorry not sorry- 1988- Mike Tyson divorces Robin Givens.

Laws: —- Superstitions

Don’t chew gum after sundown in Turkey, flesh of the dead.

If you have an awkward silence that means that the Angel is passing.

Alabama- it is illegal to drive a car blindfolded.

 west virginia- whistling under water is illegal.

1421 – Switzerland it is prohibited by the punishment of death to socialize with a know werewolf. 

ahwolves, werewolves, Caribbean, duty free, crimson peak,  great gatsby, leonardo dicaprio, tom hiddelston, jessica chastain, guillermo deltoro, octoberfest, lycan, greece, accountants, badgers, martin luther king jr, wayne gretzky, nhl, hockey, william penn, Philadelphia, Usher, Dwight eisenhower, Mia wasikowska, Ann Rice, the vampire chronicles, interview with a vampire, Mike Tyson, superstitions, turkey, angels, magneto, professor x, comicon, barney, jurassic park, spaceballs, barf, bill pullman, john candy, netflix and chill, Captain Lonestar, Princess Vespa, we bear bears,  weddings,  W Hotel, hoboken,  church service, billy idol, white wedding, in the air tonight, phil collins,

B.A.D. #102 VooDoo

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B.A.D.# 102 VooDoo

It is the end of September and thus beginning of October, the month of Halloween, dressing up as a slut, drinking excessively and candy!

So our topic is VooDoo!

There are numerous variations of VooDoo, the VooDoo that we are talking about tonight is the Luisiana, New Orleans VooDoo.

New Orleans VooDoo comes from the African Diaspora rituals, legends, stories, myths and drunk encounters. 

It originated primarily from the West African, and the French, Creole and Spanish people in the U.S. 

VooDoo relies heavily on Gris-Gris, not the song by Dr. John, but gris-gris is a term for an amulet, that can defend you or bring you good luck or do whatever it is you need.

A gris-gris that you would know is the VooDoo Doll. 

VooDoo Doll came from Haitian VooDoo, 

One of the more famous VooDoo priestesses and kings are Marie Laveau (from the american horror story) she was a real person who helped people in need and Doctor John or the  Bayou John who was the mentor for Marie Laveu.

There are umber of VooDoo rituals, such as taking a live chicken biting its head of and drinking its blood and then chasing it with whiskey , suppose to bring male virility.

Dancing naked during the fool moon, and covering yourself in mud and then urinating of the fire, suppose to help you find love.

Or taking special herbs and spices while sitting by the campfire  and then putting wet leaves to make it smoke, suppose to help you communicate with spirits through smoke. 

There is also an American Football Team, the New Orleans VooDoo.

Today this happened:

1785 Napoleon Bonaparte graduated from military academy 42nd from class of 51, well done.

1850- US navy takes flogging as punishment from its regulations.

1978- black sabbaths 8th “ Never say die”last album featuring Ozzy Osbourne, he got fired. 

Happy BDy Hillary Duff (29) and Brigitte Bardot (80) christopher evan Welch (49) died last year from cancer

Bye- Miles Davies dies at 65 1991 phenomena


Maine shotguns must be taken to church incase of attack.

Omaha it is against the law to sneeze in church.

In New York it is illegal to fart in church.

BAD# 102 VooDoo

Happy Halloween! 

Settle in relax and learn all you need to do about Voo-Doo!

We talk about  the Martian, Mars, Mission to Mars, and all other mars related thing like the Kardashians. 

And remember in New York it is illegal to fart in a church.

-really new york, really?

Magic spells, blood moon, rituals and blood of the chicken….

Facebook dislike, is it ok? – sequel to Unfriended ..

Dan talks about how gay men not allowed to donate blood to american blood bank.

How short was Napoleon?

the martian, movies, anna abrams, lindsey side, matt damon, mission to mars, kardashians, dislike, disliked, unfriended, voodoo, new orleans, gris-gris, dr.john, voodoo doll, hatian voodoo, marie laveau, rituals, spells, magic, american blood bank, 

james bong, live and let die, jane seymour, haiti, napoleon Bonaparte,  black sabbath, ozzy osbourne, hillary duff, bridgitte bordot, christopher evan welch, spartacus, miles davis, linda blair, wine tasting, chat roulette, furious7 , paul walker, vin diesel, jordana brewester, the visit, m. night shyamalan, dan medvedick, 

B.A.D.# 101 Corn

BAD #101 Corn

click me to hear me!

The history of corn or maze. Why would you start a fire at a cemetery. 

Snooki gets lip injections. 

Anna, Lindsey and Dan tries to figure out who Kylie Jenner, Tyga and China Blac are….

Edvard Munch and the scream.

Dan talks about his experience of visiting the Louvre and  seeing The Mona Lisa. 

Lindsey talks about Straight Outta Compton and light history of rap. 

Anna draws compartment between rap in the 1980’s and the doors, and the beatles. 

Dan talks about his trip to Ohio, and the volleyball tournament. 

Lindsey goes the Washington and realizes it is the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech. 

Anna takes a trip to Sea Isle City and Jersey Shore Bar with $ 3 fireball shots and WaWa

straight outta compton, maze, fire, cemetery, richard gere, chris tucker, kevin heart, spooky, instagram, kylie jenner, tyga, china black, edvard munch, the scream, mona lisa, the louvre, leonardo da vinci, ice cube, dr. dre, rap, nwa, the doors, elvis, the beatles, ohio, volleyball, washington dc, MLK, cape may, sea isle city, wawa, Layes gravy potato chips, 

B.A.D. Pod# 100 Anna

BAD Pod # 100th!!!! Anna Click Me to Hear ME 😉

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We made it to our 100th podcast! Oh wOw, that really is amazing!
Welcome to our special guest the Hungry Hutch! Follow him @thehungryhutch on instagram, twitter or Thanks Aaron for doing us. 
We talk about the name Anna and other funny names around the world that we saw on internet or just heard about. 
Talk about horror movies, Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

Anna is name that has a greek,latin and hebrew origin, it comes from the names of Hanna and Anne, and was the virgin Mary’s mother’s name. 

Ot mans grace, which is Ironic because I’m quite clumsy.

There is over 70 variations of the name Anna.

AnnaMaria.- italian,


Anika- dutch


Annelle- French.

One of the most famous fictional heroines with the name Anna is Anna from Frozen, I’m kidding well not really, but its acually Anna Karennina by Leo Tolstoy.

There are a few place in the world that have region named Anna

Anna, Fars province, a village in Iran – Anna Faris?

Anna, Valencia in Spain,

Anna valley , village in Hapshire UK

Anna, community Kentucky, city Illinois, village Ohio, city Texas and Lake Anna in central Virginia. 

9 Films with the title Anna. 

There is an Anna Apple, and a a first dog named Anna, that survived a pulmonary bypass, and a genus of sea snails.

34 US

According to the urban dictionary it means – the most awesome person ever, you cant fit so mush awesomeness even if you try. 


1960- Hitcok’s Psycho Premirs in LA

1985- michael jackson buys ATV Music and all the right to the The Beatles songs.


justin thoreaux 1971 and Rosanna Arquette 1959 and Kylie Jenner 1997


Isaac Hayes, singer song writer, Shaft theme song, 

Congratualations toanimal, vegetable

Virginia Wolf who weds political theorist Leonard Wolf in 1912


New Zeland- cannot offend a reasonable person, but you can still get weird.

regected names – stallion, yeah detroit, fish and chips, sex fruit, satan, adolf hitler – why?

ben got lucky.

approved- bus shelter, violence, number 16, midnight chardonnay, 

Malaysia- list on names, and you cannot name your baby, after a fruit, color, or give them royal titles. 

In UK – you’re child  must have at least one middle name if not more.

In California- non alphabetical characters are illegal, like *,- which is a problem for José.

100th podcast, prosecco, wine in a can, cupcakes, sweets, anna, grace, frozen, Anna Karenina, Tolstoy, pulmonary bypass, sea snails, urban dictionary, Michael jackson, the Beatles, music rights, Justin Theroux, charlie angles 2, the leftovers, Rosanna Arquette, Kylie Jenner, Instagram, 18 and wild, virginia woolf,  sex fruit, but shelter, le-a, funny names, quvenzhane wallis, american horror story, asylum, the conjuring, babaduke, marmaduke, horror movies, mission impossible rogue nation, true detective, season finale, arrow, witches of the eat end, cancelled tv shows, jon snow, game of thrones, pompeii, fear the walking dead, 

toff, the online film festival. 

B.A.D. Pod#99 Lindsey

 B.A.D. #99 Lindsey Click Me to Hear Me!

This is all about that girl named Lindsey.

Hey girl heeey!


So the name Lindsey has two mainstream spellings sEy and sAy, they are both derived from English last name, that get’s it’s name from a area of Lindsey in a country of Lincolnshire. Which I must say sounds very posh to me. 

and the rough translation from old english/gaelic the name means marshmallow or a tree by the river.  (marshmallow is a plant)

It is a unisex name, and originally was more popular for boys. 

The A spelling is ranked 314th most used name in the US

The E spelling is ranked 226th …

And as when I did my research for Dan i found a famous Pole Volter.

The is a famous American Ski Jumper Lindsey Van


In China- all names must be scannable because all ids have barcodes. rejected were @

In Iceland- there is a naming committed that must approve the names.

rejected one was 

Sweden also has a right to refuse a name.

Rejected names: “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116” (pronounced Albin, naturally) was submitted by a child’s parents in protest of the Naming law. It was rejected. The parents later submitted “A” (also pronounced Albin) as the child’s name. It, too, was rejected.

Also rejected: Metallica, Superman, Veranda, Ikea, and Elvis.

Accepted names: Google as a middle name, Lego.

Germany – names must identify the gender.

France just rejected Nutella and replaced it with Ella.


July 30

1935- 1st Penguin book gets published.

Happy Birthday

Arnold Shwartzenegger (68)


Nicholas Cage 40 /18who married his imported child bride. 2004 

Goodbye to

Ingmar Bergman (89)

Sorry not sorry 

to Britney Spears who divorced Kevin Federline 


We learn about Cecil the lion and the history behind the name Lindsey. 
Naming laws around the world, and all the sillyness they crate. Lindsey can’t stand this world because of some revelations about names. 
Anna and Lindsey talk about Amy Schumer’s new film Trainwreck. 
Dan talks about his trip to fire island and volleyball. 
Anna and Dan talk about Manhattanhenge.  
Don’t forget to check out our film Disconnected that we are working on at disconnected
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Introduction written by Lady Anna

#96 Dan

#96 Dan

click here for all about Dan anytime anywhere….


B.A.D.# 96 Dan
Today’s theme is Dan and all the history behind him (some pun intended)
Some laws about naming children. 
Lindsey talks about the tim Wolfpack,and we share our thoughts on bad parenting. 
dominos, pride, gay, parade, moving, queens, kickball, afterparty, kingsmen, colin firth, morgan freeman, kevin spacey, maggie smith, ballers, brink, true detective, HBO, Anna Abrams, Dan Medvedick, Lindsey Seide, pole volter, Meryl Streep, Cindy Lauper, Bruce Campbell, geroge carlin, harry houdini, wolfpack,  wedding talk,