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 Disclaimer – this podcast is partly and or mostly fictional comedic entertainment, any and all names,places,characters or descriptions are purely coincidental and not meant to infringe. It’s meant to represent a light conversation and all opinions are given are just that an opinion and nothing more, that are made under certain conditions and relying on certain circumstances and do not serve any purpose but to attempt to provide enterta

The B.A.D. Podcast # 115 Coconut.

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Fictional introduction is written by Lady Anna

BAD #115 Coconut

April 1st fools

Happy April everyone, the month of tulips, rain and hope for the summer.

Coconut is a gentleman of the nut world, it grows up on high on the tropical palm trees and yet it will never look down on anyone. 

It is technically designated as a fruit not a nut, but some disputes have been raised. So for now we can refer to it as fruit nut.

No-one knows the origin of coconut some say it goes back to a time where dinosaurs ruled the world, others say they were spotted around 500BC in Alexandria, they just sort of been here. 

Coconut, gained some recognition during the late 70’s as an adventurous counter part to a philandering husband in a song If you like pina coladas, from then on it’s career took off as the popularity of the pina colada drink soared to did the coconut but then as the pina coladas became a cliche the dark days for the coconut came, the only use anyone ever wanted him for was a curry. But as luck goes in the early 2000’s a light shone on the gentlemen fruit nut as coconut water became insta popular, following their electrolights and flakes, now coconut is full time star. 

Happy Bday – Barry Sonnefeld 62, Debbie Reynolds 83 and Method Man (Clifford Smith) 45.

1976- Apple is incorporated and becomes a company. 

1960-  Dr. Marteens releases their first boot.

In Indiana anyone over 14 years of age if he curses, uses profanity or take the Gods name in vain, can be fined $5 per bad word. 

In Vancouver, one cannot feed a coconut to a squirrel, moose or an alligator, punishable by $5000 (canadian) fine.

In Montreal it is illegal to skinny dip. 

In Israel it is illegal to bring bears to the beach. 

Any fact were found on internet and other sources.

B.A.D. # 109 The Number 30

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Fictional Intro written by Lady Anna

The illusive number 30, has many meanings but its mostly know as the end of post collegiate life style and embrace of the adult life. 

The number 30 is feared by many 20 somethings as it symbolizes the death of late night ragers, unlimited drinking anything, and beginning of self control.

In reality once you cross over from 29 to 30 your soul gets sucked out of your body and immediately sold to Starbucks.

There is a Route 30 in the United States that runs from Oregon to Jersey, which is a long way. 

According to Webster Dictionary 30 is the prime of young adulthood period in humans life.

It is also the number of track in the Beatles the White Album and the amount of Silver that Judas betrayed Jesus for. 

30 is the right of passage for some, but mostly its just a prime number. 

Happy 30th Bday to the ones who were born in 1986!

Next topic the year 1986.

Happy Bday to

Clark Gable- dead, Langston Hughes, African American poet and playwright, when Harlem was in Vogue, jazz poetry, The Ways of White Folks, integration.  and Rick James the godfather of Funk.

Goodbye to Mary Shelley, writer of Frankenstein dies in 1851 brain tumor.

This Happened

Johanna Sigurordotir (Skarsgaard) elected first Prime Minister of Island and first ever openly gay Head of Goverment. 2009

1790 US Supreme Court convenes for the 1st time in NYC

1969 Jim Morrison is arrested for exposing himself during the concert. 

From research from History Orb,  and On This Day and internet.


In Alabama one must not flick boogers in to the wind. 

In Alaska Clowns are illegal.

In Arizona one does not need to renew his license for 50 years after the age of 21.

In Vermont one might claim retirement benefits after the age of 30 if he can provide a valuable reason.

research from dumblaws.com and internet

For Paris with Love.

B.A.D. #105 Paris Click me to Hear Me ❤ 

After the horrific events in Paris, we dedicate this podcast to the beautiful city of lights love and croissant.

Dan and talks us through the rules of wolves the card social game. gets fired from one of his jobs and we trash those evil people for that. 

Baby announcements 

Anna takes picture of foliage. 

Gaming thoughts and being stress free and reminiscing radio stations first cd’s wlakmens and Delilah kiss FM.

B.A.D. # 105 Paris
The city of love and the city of lights. 
It is the capital of France.
Many great things were created in France, macarons, menage a trois, democracy, red lipstick, chain smoking while looking sexy and depressed,  kitten heel, croissant, Luis the VI and Coco Chanel. 
French women considered to be one of the most alluring women in the world, some of it due to their resistance to shaving while having an amazing taste in use of perfume, and also chain smoking while looking sad and sexy. 
French men of course are well know for their lover not a fighter mentality and sexually confusing mannerisms, some say that phrase gay, straight or european was originated about the french men. They also have a great style, that combines slightly disheveled look mixed with couture. And chain smoking while looking sad and sexy while drinking red wine or coffee or both. 
One of the worlds greatest attractions are the Eiffel tower and The Louvre. 
The Eiffel Tower was build in 1889 and is really tall and pretty.
The Louvre has a lot of painting in it and also sculptures, and other antique things of great beauty and historical value. 
Paris was named after Parisii a sub-tribe if the Celtic Senones, according to wikipedia, and it existed since about 3 BC. 
Right now Paris is the 2nd most visited City in the world,
New York is 1st, 
Tokyo – 3
London -4
Rome- 5
Moscow -6
1939 AlCapone got out Alcatraz Jail
1824 5th Ave opens for business.
1957- Ed Gein kills his last victim. 
Maggie Gyllenhaal (38) Chinua Achebe things Fall Apart Lisa Bonet (48)
Sorry to
Lisa Bonet divorces Lenny Kravitz 1987
Clark Gable 1960 59
French  laws
in France it is illegal to name your pig Napoleon.
It is punishable by death to die in the area if you don’t have a cemetery plot there. 
In the french wine regions it is illegal for UFO to fly over vineyards.
You can marry a dead person.

BAD# 104 Turkey

Click Here to Hear Me.

Happy Turkey/Thanksgiving day.

Dan talks about getting lost in Ikea, Halloween report, sex in a port o potty – eeeew!

Thought on Matt Damon and Chipotle,  shout out to Jill and Jeff!

Buffy and Angel forever! Suggestions for Leo DiCaprio’s Halloween costume we know your listening!

Reminiscing about old cartoons and WTF is wrong with youtube, what do you think you are FOR, to watch tv shows and movies duuuhhhh!!!!!

BAD Pod # 100th!!!! Anna yay!

click me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We made it to our 100th podcast! Oh wOw, that really is amazing!
Welcome to our special guest the Hungry Hutch! Follow him @thehungryhutch on instagram, twitter or thehungryhutch.com. Thanks Aaron for doing us.
We talk about the name Anna and other funny names around the world that we saw on internet or just heard about.
Talk about horror movies, Happy Birthday Jeff!!!
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toff, the online film festival.

 B.A.D. #99 Lindsey Click Me to Hear Me!

This is all about that girl named Lindsey.

Hey girl heeey!


So the name Lindsey has two mainstream spellings sEy and sAy, they are both derived from English last name, that get’s it’s name from a area of Lindsey in a country of Lincolnshire. Which I must say sounds very posh to me. 

and the rough translation from old english/gaelic the name means marshmallow or a tree by the river.  (marshmallow is a plant)

It is a unisex name, and originally was more popular for boys. 

The A spelling is ranked 314th most used name in the US

The E spelling is ranked 226th …

And as when I did my research for Dan i found a famous Pole Volter.

The is a famous American Ski Jumper Lindsey Van


In China- all names must be scannable because all ids have barcodes. rejected were @

In Iceland- there is a naming committed that must approve the names.

rejected one was 

Sweden also has a right to refuse a name.

Rejected names: “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116” (pronounced Albin, naturally) was submitted by a child’s parents in protest of the Naming law. It was rejected. The parents later submitted “A” (also pronounced Albin) as the child’s name. It, too, was rejected.

Also rejected: Metallica, Superman, Veranda, Ikea, and Elvis.

Accepted names: Google as a middle name, Lego.

Germany – names must identify the gender.

France just rejected Nutella and replaced it with Ella.


July 30

1935- 1st Penguin book gets published.

Happy Birthday

Arnold Shwartzenegger (68)


Nicholas Cage 40 /18who married his imported child bride. 2004 

Goodbye to

Ingmar Bergman (89)

Sorry not sorry 

to Britney Spears who divorced Kevin Federline 


We learn about Cecil the lion and the history behind the name Lindsey. 
Naming laws around the world, and all the sillyness they crate. Lindsey can’t stand this world because of some revelations about names. 
Anna and Lindsey talk about Amy Schumer’s new film Trainwreck. 
Dan talks about his trip to fire island and volleyball. 
Anna and Dan talk about Manhattanhenge.  
Don’t forget to check out our film Disconnected that we are working on at disconnected film.com.
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Introduction written by Lady Anna

#96 Dan

click here for all about dan anytime anywhere….

# 94 EDC

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Welcome back, we miss you just as much as you missed us!

Anna goes to EDC NY, and brings back the history of EDC and some other stories and EDC review.
  • really, really, REALLY, long bathroom lines, NOT OK EDC! Just rent more porter potties or use the actual stadium that is made for handling large quantities of people.  
  • Shares her thoughts on Lukas Black aging like a potato.
  • stories from the filming
Dan gets told to stop smiling! To all actors don’t be flaky! That acting like a job, because if you are an actor it is your job.  
Why are Furious 7 so furious 7 films later, can’t they be lightly irritated and driving the speed limit. 
Lindsey and Anna – drool over Chris Pratt, thoughts on the attention spin of a generation getting shorter to non-existent. And celebrity snapchat – yay or nay!?
it’s national burger day.
Disconnected film, sandwich, jack daniels, apple jack, EDC, electric music, electric daisy carnival, flowers. dj, calvin harris, neon, concert, festival, 1992, warehouse, rave, metlife stadium, weehawken, EDC NY, Las Vegas, New York, Afrojack, Tiesto, Krewella, under the electric sky, sundance, netflix, dec review, t-bone walker, rudy guilliani, Maya Angelou, Gary Colman, Henry VIII married Ann Beylen, mad max, tina turner, Guillermo Del Toro, Tom Hiddleston, Crimson Peak, Jessica Chastein, Furious 7, Lukas Black, blue crush, matthew davis, michelle rodriguez, jordana brewster,  jurassic world, chris pratt, central park, monty python,

B.A.D.#90 Sangria!

Click here to listen!

Tonight we are joined by Max Done, an actor and a Texan!
Happy Happy Easter and Passover everyone!
Drive through liquor store in small town in Texas, called Rainbows!
Dan talks us through how to throw computer from the roof, if you tun out of fruit.
and tells a story about selfish actors and how no-no it really is to be that!
Anna saw Hors not whores! on netflix!
Tidal discussion, JayZ- Jack White, and is it an artist collective?

The history of Sangria and other fascinating facts.

By yours truly Lady Anna (annaabramsactress.com)

Is a red wine drink that has no origin, some say it was invented by the romans, the other say it was invented in Spain in the 1400’s others believe that it’s a conspiracy to sell cheap wine and was invented in china in the 1970’s.

However the traditional Sangria recipe is:

Red Wine

Fruit, such as apples, grapes, oranges, cherries and pineapple.

Sweetener, honey, sugar, maple syrop

And brandy, vodka or rum. 

The seven up sangria is the same as regular just has seven up in it. 

It is suggested by in the manuscript of father John who was a monk in the 1559 Portugal that sangria should be drunk in the evening on Holy Saturday, before Easter, to cleanse one’s mind and soul, and allow your heart to be opened to God.

In the 74th episode of the Simpsons, Home decides to create a Sangria Stand to make extra money, and uses Duff Beer instead of red wine, and cigarette butts and hot dogs instead on fruit. 

There is also a bar in Hoboken NJ called Mike2 that has a sangria Sunday, during which they serve $10 Sangria Pitchers, and in NYC’s restaurant Calle Ocho offers an unlimited Sangria Brunch and has a choice of over 8 Sangrias. 

In 1982 the Sangria Diet was popular in Miami, Florida, which stated that one cannot eat any carbohydrates and the only liquid one is allowed to drink is Sangria. 

The worlds weirdest Sangria was made with, Red Wine, White Wine, marshmallows, sliced strawberries, gin, Grape Soda, sour patch kids candy, chocolate liquor, Ice tea, splash of ever clear and red cool aid, it was invented in University if Alabama in 1992 and was popular during its students. 

Conclusion Sangria is Delicious.

On this Day today April 8th

In 1879 Milk was sold in glass bottles for the first time.

In 1971 first ever OTB off track betting opens in New York.

In 1918 Betty Ford is born first lady (Gerald Ford 38th, alcoholic)

In 1947 Henry Ford dies at 83

In 1982 Bryan Cranson divorced his first wife


In Iowa it is illegal for liquor sellers to give any alcoholic presents for the holidays, birthdays, weddings etc.

In Texas bar prohibit for the alcohol bottles or glasses to have any design similar to an american flag or military.

In North Dakota coupons are forbidden on alcohol.

sangria, whine, booze, dan medvedick, anna abrams, maxwell done, lindsey seide, actors, actingnyc, new york,film, filmmaking, holy saturday, easter, god, passover, the simpsons, mike2, hoboken, sangria sunday, calle ocho, sangria brunch, miami florida,OTB new york, betty ford, henry ford, bryan cranson divorce, iowa, texas drinking laws, rainbows liquor, hostage, hunting in texas, coupons, extreme coupons, black magic, camera, talk radio, goosebumps,afraid of the dark, tales from the crypt, demi moore, fat guy, cinderella, furious 7, rob stark, vin diesel, paul walker, marley and me, rush week, kfc, rutgers, horses, daniel radclif, tom hardy, shia lubouff, sia video, unbreakable jimmy schmid, tidal, artist collective, empire, blackish, fresh off the boat, seth mcfarlaine, family guy, hippyish, steve coogan, of mice and men, snapchat,

B.A.D. Pod #85 New Year! 

Click me to listen 😉 


BAD#85 New Year

Welcome to the BAD podcast 2015! If you can believe it, it’s our 3rd year podcasting!!!

Therefore our theme is the New Year!!!


We start podcast with as usual a brief history of when and how January 1st became the 1st day. 

Dan goes deep in to innuendos about champaign, 

  • gets confused about paranormal activity!
  • talks about In to The Woods and Unbroken, I think spoiler alert!

Lindsey talks about horror movies, babaduke and other weirs ones.

Get A New Hobby OR Die Trying!!! – linney.

Anna gets excited about Dan Stevens.

And spoiler ALERT in case you didn’t watch the guest, cuz we dive balls deep into that one!!!

I mean what the fuck! Also it really is like Drive wanna be!

~Owh Dan Stevens you so pretty would u please come and play with ahem me heart 😉 ~

alcohol, new year, eve, 2015, popping bottles, christmas, leo dicaprio, st barths, rhianna, dating, stories, resolutions, single lady, put a ring on it, dunkin doughnuts, gay stories,micky mouse, country music, orlando bloom, liam hemsworth, baby thor, hunger games, miley cirus,arnold shwartznigger song, dan stevens, the guest, downton abbey, bill cosby, golden globes, tina fey, amy poehler, in to the woods, unbroken, tank, fury, brad pitt,sexual tension, trollhunter, babaduke, paranormal activity 3, funny games, napoleon dynamite,  we take requests, requests, delivery, judgement, bedlam, delirium, and, anna abrams, dan medvedick, lindsey seide, bad, podcast

Sorry, we were on vacation and also busy filming a new short film, stay tuned for that one.

But here it is….



#76 Selfie Click me!

Selfie, is a way of taking a picture of yourself in which you almost always look like a deushe. 

Selfie was around since the mid 1800’s when photography first started to come in to play. And many famous photographers through the ages have taken their self portraits. Like Diane Arbus, Annie Leibovitz, and the most iconic one, the queen of selfies is Cindy Sherman who recently had a fantastic retrospective at the MOMA (museum of modern art).

However none of those people could be credited for the term selfie, as it only officially became a term in 2002 in spread wide with the invention of facebook and social media such as intagram. 

In 2014 selfie was officially admitted in to the english language dictionary. 

Presently the celebrity for taking the most selfies has a shared title between Miley Cirus and Kim Kardashian. 

 And of course the monkey that stole David Slater’s fame. By taking a selfie and now causing the photographer to be in battle over copyright. 

Selfie is a symptom of a social media syndrome, which is defined by the Oxford psychology department as an addictive destructive behavioral pattern that causes the people affected by it to need a constant self assurance while not being able to verbalize their consciousness. 

In a nut shell, the social media creation of a selfie, causes us as people to become shallow, selfish and unable to communicate or speak in plain sentences. 

Now the laws more about the degradation of a society, since there aren’t any selfie laws really.

In Hawaii a surfer must communicate using a vocabulary of no more than a 100 words. 

In Alabama it is illegal to wear pumps with sharp high heels. 

In Arkansas it is against the law to eat cheese on friday unless it is with a pint of beer. 

In Canada the internet speed can’t be faster than 56K. ( which is the speed of dial up modems from the ‘90s) 

B.A.D. # 73 TMNT

Click me here!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Since it’s summer, and its hot outside and lots of people tend to go to the movies and enjoy the AC, one of the remakes that makes a big splash this time is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Now TMNT were originally created and self-published in 1984 New Hmpshire by two friends that had no girlfriends and so they decided to create a mutant ninja turtles. I’m kidding, they’ve got laid a lot after these turtles made them maad money.

As the story goes it was sling 1984 and two college guys, Kevin and Peter, were hanging out at their parents house, not in the mood to go on a spring break. It was a warm sunny day outside, but the two men were hanging out in their basement and talking superheroes and what not, whiny they decided to come up with their own comic, that would satorise and parody all the other current popular comics of that time, such as batman, daredevil, the hulk etc. 

And so they’ve credited one of the most beloved comic, and animated series, that I personally loved watching as a child, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

What is not well known, that originally there were 5 ninja turtles: Donatello, Michelangelo, Rafael, Leonardo and Clide, because the’ve ran out of Renaissance artist names, and so they just named the 5th one Clide. 

But when they were in negotiation with CBS for the animated tv series the network felt that Clide was an inappropriate character, due to him being “slow” and therefore not all audience friedly and so Clide was cut out. Similar issue was raised with their food choice, originally the turtles would eat sushi as they were trained in martial arts by their rat master. But the network felt that sushi was not very popular food choice and they would not want to promote a communist show, and so sushi was replaced with pizza.  An affordable, and family friendly food item. 

Fastforward 30 years and now we have a live action remake of TMNT with Will Arnett and Megan Fox and her boobs, coming out to the theaters this summer. 

In Alaska it is illegal to push out a moose or a turtle out of an airplane whilst in flight.

In Idaho it is illegal to fish while being on a camel

In Kentucky it is illegal to paint or dye a duck blue unless more than six are for sale at the same time. 

In Main it is illegal to shave a sheep or a flamingo, less that 500 yards from a school, dmv or a place of worship. © Anna Abrams 2014

tags: teenage mutant ninja turtles, comincs, new hampshire, 1984, daredevil, rafael, michelangelo, donatello, leonardo, megan fox, will arnett, cosmopolitan, michael bay, transformers, a million ways to die in the west, seth macfarlaine, lady Gaga, krysten stweart, ladies of london, bravo, lifetime, phillip seymore hoffman new movies, hunger games, survivor, poppies, poppies, heads up, the 6th sense, the happening, alexander skarsgaard, james marsden, x-men, enchanted, volleyball, bedlam and delirium, bad, acting, podcast, comedy, 

B.A.D. #65 Tequila

click me while drinking tequila, and listen to hilarity .

In honor of cinco de mayo, or day of the mayonnaise. Our theme is tequila. And no we are unfortunately are not drinking it right now, due to that some of the people in this room can’t handle it. Yes Im talking about you!

Now, the history of tequila is simple. 

It was created my a disgraced Mexican monk, who after leaving the cloth was left to fend for himself and in a desperate moment he created tequila. 

The reason why he had to leave the church is disgrace, was do to him falling in love with one of the nuns, who subsequently became pregnant and after they were both banished from the church, they married. 

Now back to the monk, he was all alone with noting, but a new wife and a baby on the way. He remembered that in the monastery when yeasts were scare they would use sugar to create ale, so he looked around and he saw the agave plant, which can be used as sugar substitute. 

And then after a few tries of fermentation he created tequila, but it was still very harsh to drink, it burned to much. As he was debating what to do, he came upon a jar of tequila with the worm in it. He though of throwing it out, but then he got curious if the worm has observed any of the tequila, and boom, the harshness was gone and so in the year of 1507 tequila was born. He named the drink after himself, as his name was Tekla Lita, which later evolved into Tequila. 

Happy Cinco the Mayo everyone!!!!

Written by ©2014 5/6 Anna Abrams

B.A.D. # 64 Bunnies.

Click here for #64 Bunnies!

©2014 Anna Abrams

Hello, and welcome back to the B.A.D. Podcast.

This is another Holiday Podcast, last week we did a passover podcast. 

So this is week we are having an easter podcast, and the theme is Bunnies. 

Bunnies are of course a traditional part of the Easter Celebration. Bunnies go all the way back to ancient Jerusalem, where they were actually inhabiting the hills where Jesus was crucified on. 

Now one of the most popular questions is why do bunnies and eggs are represented in easter. 

Well bunnious-astritus, or bunnies are a genus that was originally a dinosaur and was a monotremes which an egg reproducing species, during the evolution it became and a marsupial, birth giving mammal due to mixing in breeding over the years. 

There are 3 basic types of bunnies:



and furries. 

Originally most bunnies were pink, the white and black fur spectrum bunny only evolved in to 1800’s.

In Nevada any magician is required to have a minimum of 3 bunnies, while practicing magic.

In Tennessee it is illegal to enter a bunny residing house without bringing a carrot for it’s pet. 

And in France bunnies were considered part of a staple diet up until now. 

The Bunny hill – name for slope skiing is named so after an easter egg hunt in the 1930’s colorado where ski resort employees dressed up as bunnies and entertained small children, by teaching how to ski during an easter egg hunt. 

Hope that everyone had a good and happy easter.

#63 Macaroons

Click me to hear #63 me!

© 2011 B.A.D. # 63 Macaroon
As we are eating cupcakes to celebrate Alex’s BDay.
Jeff makes his own cupcakes and ice-cream at 2am, like a good housewife he is.
Stories of drunk people peeing in the middle of the living room.
The President and the restaurant, Jenny tells a story how Obama came to the restaurant, and how hot he actually is. 
Anna’s night out at Slate and the weird underaged crowd of teens. 
Death in Silicone Valley… 
Fargo the excitement builds!
Crazy Jersey drivers…
And Jeff hates S’murfs.- and how to talk smurf.

# 62 Wet Wipes

click me for #62

Serious talk about Noah the movie, spoiler alert!!
Jeff talks about having a meltdown over not being able to do a pull-up just one, and just his general grumpiness. 
Dan gets in an email fight, and talks frat life. 
Anna takes Zumba class.
Jeff talks about being in a pageant and being tear gassed.
Of course Seth and Noah, the 3rd mythical son.
Horror movie talk….

# 61 Passion Fruit

Click me to hear me 😉

Welcome Dan. 
The history of passion fruit, and chit chat over the bottle of wine..
Anna takes yoga from a stoned instructor, 
Noah vs Grand Budapest Hotel, 
Andrew and the erotic fire of the unattainable…and forgettable orgy…
Dan’s 2 degrees of snooky and the great parts of new jersey, and the abundance of sports in his life.
Drinking at 9am on Zog wine trip, 

 This fictional introduction was written by Anna Abrams © 2014

# 60 Kevin Bacon, the best of all the bacons…

click me to hear me! 

 Girls talk shopping, Jenny talks about trying sangria, 
Anna thinks she’s born same day as Santa..
Ally deals with loss and prepares for Israel.
Jeff dresses as an adult.
Alex confuses everybody about how you pronounce shailene woodley 
Stories from the weekend
Jeff has a senior moment about the oscars and Jennifer Lawrence. 
We dive deep in to the discussion is yawing contagious. 

#59 Rainbows

Click me To Hear me 🙂

We welcome Andrew!

Getting DRUNK on St. Patrick’s day and other stories….

So rainbows are our theme 
Jeff gets yelled at by train conductor, and has problems getting out of bed.
Alex struggles with eating a cream cheese covered bagel on a subway, she looked like a homeless lady- and why drunk people should not run.
Bearded man from Ohio, that would not leave Anna alone…
We have an eligible bachelor for sale!
the controversy of the st patricks day parade

Click me to Hear me !

#58 Channing Tatum and Nail Polish

B.A.D. #58 Nail Polish and Channing Tatum
PSA fake nails are like heroin, don’t do it!
The adoration of Channing Tatum. 
BAD films Clowns, while one of the cats was trying to eat Jeff. 
Jenny is from Key West, by Dan O’Brian, 
The History of Clowning 
Do you believe in God or are Laura Linney. 
And Jenny tells her long day in to Coney Island about how flipping off an NYC cop is illegal. 

Click me to hear me 🙂 # 56 Daffodils 

All that you ever need to know about daffodils. 
Final goodbyes to Danny! 
hose of cards !!!!
corn tortillas with hummus accompany the talks about the town drunk, who offers people a swig from his flask and offers free jewelry. 
Should Anna stop eating food that has expired. 
Some inside info about NYFA.
How to work with an old camera equipment. 
Is Jenny basically vegan…? 
Brooklyn the hot spot for Carvel?
No wine at the grocery store in NYC.
………..and Alex has Mono!
Also best buy drug tests their employees, clearly not very vigorously. 
Daffodils: written by Anna Abrams.
Daffodil or Narcissus is  a flower that represents the spring, even though it’s now still winter, I just thought wishful thinking.Daffodil was originally called narcissus because it is said to be very pretty and delicate flower, and therefore a narcissist! It needs constant care and affection or it will wilt. In the ancient greek times, daffodils were given to the prettiest girls and boys in town to emphasize their beauty and high maintenance status. It is important to mention that daffodil has a narcotic tendencies, it can cause temporarily paralysis. In fact the bulb of daffodil have very strong toxins in it and should not be consumed. If one frolics int he field of daffodils they may get a reaction similar to the poison ivy, dermatitis, itchy skin, dry patches, redness etc. In the folklore the legend goes that, daffodil was cursed by the goddess venus, because she felt that all the beautiful people who were given daffodils started to act mean spirited and vain, and so she cursed the flower so that who ever touched it would get pimples and rashes. But now daffodil considered to be just a spring flower, because it usually blooms at the early stages of spring, because it likes the cold weather. That is it for daffodil and remember if you see a daffodil don’t eat it, because you can get partial paralysis or severe toxin poisoning. 


B.A.D# 54 Champaign

 Click me to Hear Me 🙂

Anna and Alex trying to figure out the name of the stupid one from Mean Girls.
Anna’s story about her struggle through the snow storm for her college audition, and her lower school latin studies.
Celebrating Anna’s BDay. with Champaign.
Movie talk topic is about “Her” and our thought about having a relationship with a fictional character. And should it be outsourced?
And trying to explain the  concept of gelatin to Alex. 
Mean Girls, Fordham University, snow storm, nyc,  Jeff Bridges, Bo Bridges, latin, carpe diem, beyonce, kanye west, birthday, champaign, rose, zinfandel, wine, proseco, barcade, brooklyn, her, movies, anna abrams, alex eden, danny wilfred, scarlet johanson, joaquin phoenix, spike jones, terminator, os system, episodes, matt leblanc, snl, drake, degrassi, wanda sykes, kennan, broad city, hulu, comedy central, cub, second city, io, parks and reks, american horror story, shameless, stevie nicks, yellowstone, onsie, fleece, spa socks, espresso, serendipity, fanny pack, auditions, gelatin,jello-shots, pop rocks, skittles, vodka, wikihow, charmed, nick at night, peacock, illinois, 

BAD # 53 Rum

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BAD #46 Pumpkin 2 the full story of pumpkin and all things Halloween!

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Alex gets probably sold into slavery in Nicaragua, 
Tay moves to Connecticut, I mean Kentucky
And Micah has a porn spa day.
Ghost stories, halloween parties…and more.
Anna is blurred lines at the Brooklyn Brewery,
Jeff’s west harlem drinkning, Danny belongs to a cult.
Danny’s Nutella Roosevelt Island Party!
All in all a good and wholesome halloween 🙂
Does size matter in pumpkins? email us your thoughts.
prawn, pumpkin, native americans, nights of the future, lcd, Fibonacci sequense, Da Vinci code, 
in the heights,cats,balloons,halloween, sugar high,cabin in the woods, joss whedon, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, jersey shore, fat mac, burt’s bees, brunch, halloween party, brooklyn brewery, west harlem, mercury bar, rudy’s, Roosevelt island, Nutella, f train, court square, Queensboro plaza, roommate stuff, AMDA, Michigan University, hospital, make-up, subway,late night, gay mess,beer pong, flip cup, champaign, college, freedom song,cult, club, church,Hill Song United,arrested development, will arnett, tv, anna abrams,danny wilfred, jeff welk, bedlam and delirium, BAD, fame jensen, ryan murphy, nip/tuck, american horror story, glee, de bauba, 80’s,dad’s nbc,seth green, entourage, spin city, dharma&greg, sex in the city, sienfield,

BAD#44 Pumpkin CLICK ME! 

Jeff’s ideas about the business of Miley Cyrus. 

Alex goes on a date…

Collegetimes and crazy parents…..

charlie brown, eugypt, honey, miley cyrus, pumpkin, n’sync, vma’s, madonna, lady gaga, blogs, vlogs, mtv, vjay, #23, the faults in our stars, shaleen woodley, secret life of american teenager, date night, east village, john john, bareburger, don john, dry humping, glee, abc’sofdeath, death, m is for milk,   

BAD#43 CNN Click me to listen!


In the scary government shutdown days, it seems appropriate for our theme to be CNN!
BAD attempts to discuss the government shutdown. 
Is killing legal now? Is there police? 
being an only child,  difference between vegans and vegetarians, And fooling yourself into healthy eating if it’s organic. Weird sex addictions, furries,  
Micah’s is upset.
How do you pronounce certain cities and why??
Tay’s awkward bus stories…
superfine, brooklyn, government, shutdown, brunch, dumbo, art fair, CNN, political, federal shutdown, whole foods, anderson cooper, coldstone, ice cream, zombie fest, one direction, don john,  joseph gordon-levitt, furries, strange sex, csi, drive, cinescore, subway cops, homeless people, abc’s of death, tax office, active military, FBI, IRS, national parks, obamacare, comedians, cars getting coffee, toy story 3, cable news network, wikifeet, connecticut, arkansas, louisville, bannaroo, jinlgebell, beyonce, concert fail, masters of sex, michael sheen, lizzy caplan, showtime, z100, i will survive, kindle,  books

Click me to listen…

Alex learns how to run.
Anna goes to play bingo. Dating stories. 
Danny’s building gets burglarized. 
Witches, roommates, dim sum, and naked haunted house….
zombie, yoga, #notyourstandartbingo, dating, jeff daniels, alexander skarsgaard, cats, fuck,kill,marry, dumb and summer 2, jim carrey, wolf of wall st, i like turtles, naked haunted house, standard, hotel, bingo,

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